Monday, July 02, 2012

Inspiration Trunk: Tesla Coils

Bonjour mon cher lassies and lads! This is a long overdue post once again and I've drafted this post since the early days of June. Hahaha! I haven't done much Inspiration Trunk post in a long time and I know some of my readers actually enjoy reading them. So, I decided to muster some vision and even dedication on finishing this post. If you guys follow my Twitter account, you'd know that I'm on a YouTube and Video craze right now. I've been watching dramas, series and even variety shows like crazy. During this time, I've found rather geeky yet totally awesome videos that I'd love to share to you guys. It's geeky, it's eye-catching, it's technical... It's magic through science. Behold the beauty of Tesla Coils.

If you guys have read some of my previous posts, you'd know that I'm a big Doctor Who fan and while Doctor Who is still on a break right now, I'm filling the void it had left in my heart with Doctor Who related videos and even some Sci-Fi shows or Time Travel romance shows. It's just my thing. Hahaha! The video above is of Arc Attack, a contestant in America's Got Talent, playing Doctor Who's theme during Makers Faire 2010.

Here's a little explanation on how they make music with the Tesla Coils, just to give you guys some clarity or maybe you'd get more confused with it, I don't know. The video above is from Makers Faire's official YouTube channel interviewing 2 member of Arc Attack. Hope you guys will be enlightened on how Tesla Coils make awesome music. :)

This one goes out to all the Star Wars fans out there. I'm pretty sure you've watched this video already if you're a die hard fan but if you're a closet fan like some of the lovely ladies out there, feast your eyes and ears! I'm already telling you guys, it's freaking awesome. I'm no die hard fan or a self-proclaimed all-out geek but I do know some of this stuff. So, yeah..

Last but definitely not the least, here's a blast from the past! Do you guys remember this tune? When there's something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Yep! That's right! You're gonna call the Ghostbusters! Love the movies. Love the theme song. The beat's just impossible to get out of your brain. I think I hummed this tune, as well as Darth's march, for a little over 3 days. I was that hooked to the tunes. Anyway, go have a listen and see the visually pleasing and totally awesome spectacle that Tesla Coils give!

Before I end this post, I just wanted to share to you guys this video I found in YouTube Wonderland. If you guys don't know what YouTube Wonderland is, it's that infinite line of awesome music videos and music in YouTube that's just waiting to be tapped by the world. It's there, we just have to find it. I happen to stumble upon this lovely part of YouTube and I've never left since that time. So here's one video from that Wonderland. Enjoy the eye candy! :)

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