Monday, July 09, 2012

Goodbye, 18 Year Old Me!

Hello lovely human being from the planet of Earth! I am now officially, a 19 year-old. I can't even believe it. It's happening all too soon! I'm not ready to be an old fart! Hahaha! I'm kidding! I actually don't mind the age thing. It just seems rather silly to be distressed just because I'm on my last year of being a "teen". I mean, what's the big deal anyway? LOLNo. I'm actually freaking out since I'm starting anew with college and most likely, I'll be one of the oldest person in the classroom full of freshmen students. It's nerve racking.

Yesterday, my mom and I went out to celebrate my birthday in advance. I celebrated it with some of my mother's work mates and we ate in a famous luxury buffet in Mall of Asia. I've been frequenting this place more than I should and while I'm writing this post, I'm actually paying the price of my extravagant food exploits yesterday. Hahaha! Oddly enough, even though I'm already 19 years old, I still don't drink in front of my mother. Hahaha! Weird. Here are some of the food I ate yesterday, actually, some of the food my mum and I ate. :)

I am a foodie and I can't even tell you guys how much I love good food. I just can't help myself when I'm in front of good food. Although I do have some limitations, since I'm now a Pescetarian, I still enjoy eating my heart out. However, I just found out that my stomach can't digest food like it used to. I'm totally blaming it on my drive to get fit but, yeah. I can't eat as much as I used and I don't know if that's a good thing or not. Hahaha! I'm now suffering from indigestion because of yesterday's food exploration. :(

That's me. I'm actually quite surprised that I can sport this look since I do have a tummy and when wearing mid-rise jeans, you tend to accentuate your stomach area. I guess being sick, minimal exercise and my diet's making me look semi-decent in things like this. My mum and I roamed around Mall of Asia after we ate in Vikings just to help digest and lose some of the things we ate. I have to tell you guys, I felt sick after eating that much food. I was sluggish, sleepy and very heavy. But, that won't stop me from doing some window shopping. Right? Hahaha!

My mum and I went to visit the newly opened UNIQLO store in Mall of Asia and I fell in love with the shop. I couldn't decide what to buy or what color to get, I was in retail heaven. I guess you could say that a lot of the shoppers there were in retail heaven. The prices of the clothes are a bit pricey but when it comes to the quality of each item, it's really worth it. I was so happy that I got to buy a cotton stretchable legging pants of sorts there and my mum bought a very versatile shorts. It was just lovely. I'm eyeing a cute Disney/Mickey Mouse shirt there as well as some Pop Art shirts. I hope my mum and I would visit UNIQLO again.

I thought my day was already done but my mum decided that I should get a hair cut. So, we went to David's Salon and I got my hair cut courtesy of Laura, the senior stylist in David's Salon-Mall of Asia. I'm quite satisfied with my haircut but my mum seemed a little nonchalant about it. What do you guys think? Did it make any difference? Did I make the right decision to cut my hair or was it a bad move? I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Renne!
    Want us to follow by Bloglovin? let me know...
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. Marcela! Belle! That would be great! ♥


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