Monday, July 09, 2012

[CLOSED] Gelibean Couture Giveaway

Hey you guys! Today's the day I was born into this world. It was raining, more like a typhoon, when I was born. It was around noon time so, I'm starting my birthday bash at noon. This is the first installment of four giveaways that I'll be doing today. I worked really hard on finding brands that are willing to give you guys a little some-some, if you know what I mean. Hahaha! Instead of getting gifts, many bloggers give gifts to their readers on their special days. So, why should I be different? Right? I won't make this long, I'll get down to business since I know what you guys want. ;)

This is a sneak peek of the gift one lucky reader will get from Gelibean Couture and I. I am telling you guys now that I want to keep it to myself but because I love you guys so much, I won't. Hahaha! I seriously love it and if it only fit me, I'd buy one for myself. Hahaha! So here's what you need to do to win...

You Must:
1. Like Operation: Fix Life and Gelibean Couture's Facebook Fan Page
2. Follow @GelibeanCouture and @RAJacobe on Twitter
3. Share this on Facebook: "Join Renee's birthday bash and get a chance
to win a special prize from @Gelibean Couture! I think @friend1 and
@friend 2, you guys should join!" Don't forget to tag us & 2 friends!

Extra Entries:
1. Share this on Twitter: "Hey @friend1 & @friend2! Join @RAJacobe's
birthday bash and get a chance to win a special prize from @GelibeanCouture!"
Don't forget to tag us & 2 friends! [+1 entry]
2. Follow Operation: Fix Life via Bloglovin' [+2 entries]
3. Follow Operation: Fix Life via Google Friend Connect [+2 entries]
4. Blog about this giveaway [+3 entries]
5. Follow me on Chictopia [+2 entries] or Lookbook [+2 entries]
6. Pin the giveaway photo on Pinterest [+2 entries]

You can also simply share this post by scanning:
Here's what you guys can win. I know you saw the teaser above but here's the item in a more collected and full view. Don't forget to comment down below your name, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter link/account. Also, comment down below what you've done and the links to the extra entries. I'll be checking them all, just to be fair.
I would also love a greeting from you guys, if it's not much of a trouble, since it is my birthday. :)

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  1. June Izabelle Roque
    GFC: June Izabelle
    Extra entries:
    Fan on lookbook:
    Follow on chictopia:
    Followed via Bloglovin: @jillroque

  2. Aliana Jedh Benigno
    I shared this on facebook and twitter.=)
    Extra entry:

  3. Alyssa Yu

    For the extra entries, i shared it on twitter
    followed you on bloglovin
    followed on GFC
    blogged about your giveaway
    followed you on chictopia and lookbook

  4. Name: Camille Quiambao
    Facebook: Vintagekawaii Onlineshop
    Twitter: @quiam

    1. Liked Operation: Fix Life and Gelibean Couture's Facebook Fan Page
    2. Followed @GelibeanCouture and @RAJacobe on Twitter
    3. Shared on Facebook

    Extra Entries:
    1. Shared on Twitter
    2. Followed Operation: Fix Life via Bloglovin'
    3. Followed Operation: Fix Life via Google Friend Connect
    4. Followed on Chictopia & Lookbook

  5. happy happy bday! more power to your cool blog :)

  6. Happy Birthday Jacobe! <3

    -Gelibean Couture

  7. Vanessa Marie Apal

  8. Jessiemer Abing
    GFC: Jessie Abing
    Extra entries:
    Followed via Bloglovin:


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