Monday, July 09, 2012

Birthday Bash: FBTL Manila Giveaway

Hey you guys! This is the second installment of four giveaways that I'll be doing today. As you know, I worked really hard on finding brands that are willing to give you guys a little some-some, if you know what I mean. Hahaha! I've contacted one of the sponsors of many top bloggers and I was fortunate enough to have them as my new sponsor. I won't make this long, I'll get down to business since I know what you guys want. ;)
That's the sample coupons that three (3) lucky readers will get from FBTL Manila and I. I am telling you guys now that it's totally worth it. I've bought some of their awesome blings and I'm sure you'll love it. Hahaha! I seriously love it and if it was only given to me, I'd be very happy. I'd buy some accessories for myself. Hahaha! So here's what you need to do to win...

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Don't forget to comment down below your name, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter link/account. Also, comment down below what you've done and the links to the extra entries. I'll be checking them all, just to be fair. I would also love a greeting from you guys, if it's not much of a trouble, since it is my birthday. :)
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  1. Jessiemer Abing
    GFC: Jessie Abing
    Extra entries:
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  2. name, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter link/account
    Angela Lustre
    FB: AY Lustre
    Post link:
    Twitter: @angelllatte


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