Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pescetarian Living: Almost 3 months

Bonjour mon amour! If you guys have read it before, I'm now a pescetarian. I'm abstaining from eating pork and beef up until only God knows when. It's not to be part of a fad or for any animal rights movement but I just wanted to be a pescetarian. If you guys don't know what a pescetarian is, click here to go to my older post explaining what pescetarian living is all about. I've decided to make it my little stepping stone into becoming a full pledged vegetarian. I'm not aiming to be a vegan just yet. I need to have baby steps. Just baby steps.

I'm actually very proud to say that I've survived numerous outings and buffets with my family and friends. I didn't give in nor did I even think that being a pescetarian is a burden. I have to admit though, on some days I have this craving to eat meat. No. Let me rephrase that, on some days I have a craving to eat bacon. Yes, just bacon. Sometimes, I also have that craving to eat a well marinated herb chicken that I really loved. But I'm not complaining since I can actually say that being a pescetarian made me healthier.

I am actually 10lbs. lighter and I'm seeing myself getting lighter as the days and months go by. I just need some sort of effort to exercise and I think I'll be able to lose 50lbs. by the end of the year. I know, asa much but I really think it's possible. I have been eating healthier food choices but I think I'm having this bad habit of skipping meals since I'm always in our house. Anyway, the pictures in this post are all taken by me with my Blackberry Torch's camera.

I've been eating in the healthy restos or the healthier choices of fish viands but I do have this tendency to eat fried fish like the Fish & Chips (1st photo) from Flapjacks, Fish Fillet with Tartar Sauce (2nd photo) from Delifrance and of course the delicious Salmon Cakes in brown rice (last photo) from Pancake House. I'll end this post here as I don't want to blabber on about nonsense to you guys. I hope you like this little update on my pescetarian living. I know some of you might think that I'm no longer on my diet since I haven't posted about it. That's not the case. I just forgot about it that's all. I even think that's a good thing since it comes only natural to me to select seafood viands in the menu.

If you guys are also pescetarians, I'd like to hear from you! Share some recipes and maybe even some exercise tips. Let's get healthy together, yeah? :)

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