Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bad Vibes: Visual Music Carnival

I am very pissed off with my cousin and my aunt right now. As in as of this moment. I'm very excited to go to an event, if you guys have probably read my older posts you know what event I'm talking about. I'm really pissed off because of these reasons:

  1. I've already contacted her and we've agreed to go today.
  2. She didn't tell me before hand that she'll be doing something else today.
  3. She didn't tell me that she already left the house.
  4. I can't find her camera because she won't tell me where it is.
  5. They are so goddamn slow.
  6. They're not even considering that the person they'll be meeting up with is already there waiting for them.
  7. I really want to go to the event at around 3pm and I don't think that'll even happen.
  8. They're giving me shitty reasons to not go.
  9. I've been excited to go to this event for almost 2 weeks now.
  10. They're not replying to my text messages!
Those are the reasons why I'm pissed off and I want to freaking smack someone on the head right now, I know. I'm over reacting on this but I'm really pissed off with them. It's not even funny anymore. I really wanted to see the bands that are lined up for this event and not to mention help the cause. I'm just really pissed. They didn't think. UGH.

Sorry about this ranting post. I just couldn't help myself. I'm too goddamn pissed off. I'll most probably gonna delete this post in a day or so. So, yeah. Out for now.

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