Sunday, April 22, 2012

Inspiration Trunk: It's All About Going Red

Hey lovely ladies and gents! Today wasn't a very good day for me because I found out a lot of shitty news and not to mention the weather today is seriously killing me. I didn't think that my day would become better but I guess I was wrong. I'm happy to tell you guys that I think I'm going to be a redhead in a few days. I'm really set on becoming a redhead and I really hope that I'll be able to pull it off or give justice to my hair.

I've searched in the internet some of the shades or some of the outcomes that I want for my hair. I thought that it would be great way to choose what kind of red I should go for. I hope you guys help me in finding the right shade of red for my hair. If you have some suggestion or reactions on my decision to be a redhead then please do leave a comment down below. Thanks guys!

These are some of the shades of red that I really really like and want for my hair color. What do you guys think? Would it fit me or do you think I shouldn't pursue it? I really need your feedback on this! :)
I like this shade the most and I think it's one of the most appropriate for me
I like both of them and the one on the right is the same as the photo above
This shade isn't also bad and I kind of want my hair to be this shade as well, I just don't know if the salon has them.
The shade that I actually love is the one in the middle, orange-red type of color
I'm also game with this color. It's not that glaring red but I love the ginger look
Here are some other shades of red that I'm also considering but I'm still very unsure of these ones. Unlike the shades above that I know I can more or less handle or give justice to.
I also love this shade of red but I think it's too glaringly red and vibrant, you think I can pull this off?
Demi as a redhead is also a nice shade but again, I feel like it's too light for me, or is that just me?
This is more of an orange than a red color but I kind of like it. I've always wanted to have orange hair
I like this shade of red but I think that it's a little bland or it might not suit me.
Unlike the first total red shade that I've shown you guys above, this is more brighter and bold. I might have some problems with it especially with the schools regulations. I think?
 As for these two colors (bottom photos not top photos), I like them but I feel like it's way too light for me
Same problem, I like the shade but it might not be appropriate for me and my profession right now
So, what do you guys think? What shade of red should I go for? Or maybe, I should just forget about going redhead altogether? I need your opinions on this and it would really help me weigh in my options. I promise to make a blog post about my hair coloring on Monday, the day I'll go to the salon and have a hair make-over, or on Tuesday, the next day. I'll be waiting for your answers guys, thanks in advance! :)

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