Saturday, April 14, 2012

Inspiration Trunk: Eyes

Eyes, as some people would say, are a person's window to his soul. Your words and actions may lie to another person but your eyes can't. I think a person's eyes is one of the most beautiful feature one can have. I find people with soft, broken and soulful eyes are the prettiest. When I see a spark in a person's eyes that could range from a spark of mischief to ingeniousness, it gets me going. It makes me want to spend time with a person and actually know a person.

A person's eyes can say a lot about a person and how he is invested in the person he's talking to, the surroundings he's in, or the amount of love that he truly have for a person. I think that a person's eyes show tenderness and openness to whomever looks at them. A person can smile through his eyes and also mourn through his eyes.

Maybe, a person can have such a strong exterior that we tend to give them so much crap not knowing that they're damaged inside and you can see that damage through a person's eyes. You can see all the pain that a person's going through and also all the joy that they are experiencing. Sometimes, we can even see how empty a person is or how lost they truly are in this world. It's hard to explain how one can say that a person is lonely or lost when you look at their eyes but you just know. You just have this feeling that they are lonely and that their eyes are speaking to you, telling you that they need you and that they need your help.

I really think that a person can't lie with his eyes. Actually, I believe and have faith that no man can have that skill because if we learn how to lie through our eyes then what's the sense of feelings? What's the sense of all feelings if we can just lie and manipulate it? Our feelings and emotions should always stay true and pure, even if it can only be seen in our eyes. This is just an opinion that I have and if you guys disagree with me, I don't mind. All I know is that, when your eyes do not shine the way it does before or it does not show what's true and what is pure in your heart then maybe, your soul had been broken and it'll be harder for you to show your emotions again. I mean, even a strict general in the military still shows his true feeling through his eyes. Right? I just find it hard to imagine a man with emotionless eyes. It's just too hard for me. Or maybe, I'm just too much of a romantic and a dreamer to even consider a life without love and compassion. Hahaha!

Sometimes we forget to look at people's eyes because we get distracted with their other features. Maybe, a nice butt or a great rack or maybe even a tight set of abs. We get distracted and assume that a person is great just because of those features and when we get to know them, they suddenly become uninteresting. When that physical gratification phase is gone, you realize how ugly a person is but I think that's not the case when you first meet a person and look at their eyes. You can actually see through them and distinguish what they really want from you.

Anyway, I'm already blabbering nonsense here. Here are the photos that really inspired me make this post. If you noticed it, most of it is from a UK TV series that I love, Skins. The character here, Effy Stonem is one of my favorite and she had the most alluring and wonderful eyes. I just love her!

I lied. This post was actually inspired by Kaya's eyes. I just love them. They're very powerful and just stunning! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and please don't forget to join my blog's giveaways!

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