Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Last Saturday, the European Studies Association held it's year-end party in Botong's Up Restobar in A. Venue, Makati. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the party since my mom gave me permission to party and stay over my friend's condo in Taft. I never thought she would agree and I was actually very surprised. Anyway, I just wanted to share to you guys some of the photos and the happenings that really mattered in the party. I know most some of my friends didn't go because of reasons, too lazy, and maybe some of them are reading this post. So guys, here's what you missed last Saturday night.

It was my friend, Ricci's first party ever in his entire college life and I was very blessed to see him in a party, have fun and just enjoy the night. He and most of my International Studies batchmates are graduating students and will be finishing their last term in DLSU today and on summer term for the OJT. I will really miss these guys because they're the ones that I've hanged out with, specially in the library for our study groups and what-not. I just can't believe that this phase of our lives is about to end and I have to say goodbye to the most friendly, caring and loving faces I know. It was a good thing that I went to the party and didn't miss out on the chance to be with the graduating ISEs and ISAs. Good times guys, good times.

I'm also glad that I got to witness one of my very dear friend, Clarence, unwind and just have fun. You see, he's not the most social butterfly out there but he knows how to interact with people and honestly, he's awesome when he's with people he trusts and likes. I think that this party really deserves a thumbs up even though the turn out of people wasn't that good. I guess you could say that it's a quality party and not a quantity party. It's basically a party for us, International Studies majors, to celebrate the end of the year and to say goodbye to friends we've made in our college journey. Cheesy, I know, but I didn't mean this post to be this cheesy. It just hit me that this will be the last party for some of the International Studies majors as an International Studies major student in DLSU. The next time we'll be able to party, they'd be working ladies and gents!

Some of the people that I will surely miss once they graduate. I can't even imagine what DLSU would be like without them. I mean, I've been seeing their faces for 3 years now and I've been classmates with most of them. Somehow, I can't still say goodbye to them yet. I guess this party was somewhat a parting or goodbye in way. ESA's saying goodbye to their members with a great party. I just wished more people had come but I guess having fewer people there also had its perks. Hahaha! I'll end this post here and just say how much I'm so proud of you guys and of ESA for making Heat Wave possible. Love you guys! :)

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