Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fictional Crush: Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop is a fictional character in one of the TV series that I'm currently watching, Fringe. I even made a post about it here. If you guys don't know who Peter Bishop is, then I'm guessing that you haven't watched Fringe or not a fan of the series. I don't blame you, it's not the usual TV series that most people would enjoy. Although, for those of you who likes mystery, possibilities in the impossible, and science then I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy Fringe.

Peter is one of the main characters in Fringe and he's the son of Walter Bishop, a mad but extremely brilliant scientist that dabbles into the world of the impossible. Peter is a con-man, before he met Olivia Dunham the heroine of the series, with an IQ of 190 which is pretty high and he has faked his way to M.I.T. cool right? He is a combination of a street smart man that has years of experience out on the road and a formal knowledge in all things scientific. He's the one that translates Walter's incoherent blabbering about science into terms more understandable to the common man. Since he's smart and understands his father clearly, or more often than not, he's a very important character in the plot but that's not the only reason why he's important and you guys will know what I mean as you get to season 3 and season 4. I swear to you, your minds will be blown!

I think his intelligence is one of the many reasons why I like this character a lot and the fact that the actor playing Peter Bishop is Joshua Jackson, you might know him from the hit TV series during the 80s Dawson's Creek. I think Joshua plays Peter Bishop quite well and he makes Peter very attractive. Peter's charming, intelligent and not to mention very hot. Hahaha! Yes. There goes my hormones. You have to forgive me for that. I am still under that phase in my life where... you know. Hahaha!

One more reason why I like Joshua Jackson's portrayal as Peter Bishop is because he gives off that tender and soft eyes that makes people know that the character is/was broken. It makes you see the fragility of the person yet, Peter Bishop still has that tough exterior. You can see that the character is still a fighter with a tender and good heart. All of those things can be seen when Joshua Jackson looks at people, the intensity of his eyes and the tenderness of it. It's just so... alluring. Maybe it's just me but yeah. I like those types. Hahaha!

Another thing I like about Peter Bishop is the ruggedness. He's all man and yet still have that cute pretty boy face of his. I'm telling you, I just like it when men have this quality. Gruff yet soft faces, a little rubble on the chin and not to mention broad and manly shoulders. Really a plus for me. Hahaha! I think I like Joshua Jackson's face and physique in general but I want Peter Bishop's personality and IQ, if you know what I mean. Sometimes, you just like the character more than the actor playing it.

Anyway, I'll end my little rambling here about Peter Bishop and the reasons why I like him and all that hubbabaloo. Hahaha! Thanks for having the patience in reading this very long post of a girl under hormones. Hahaha! If you want more photos of Peter Bishop or Joshua Jackson as a whole, then I suggest you click the read more. I will assure you that you will not regret it. Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson is a fine man, I assure you, you'll see how fine he is on the photos below. :)

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