Thursday, March 08, 2012

What's inside my make-up kit?

Hey there lovely ladies & gents. I thought that I should let you guys see some of the things in my make-up kit. It's not much since I don't usually put on make-up and I don't know how to do the complex things but, yeah. I just wanted to show you guys. So, just bear with me while I enumerate the things that I have. Hahaha!

This is my make-up set. Although, you can only see the eye shadow set with blush on, the other separate blush on and eye shadow on the right and my two-way cake on the right. I do have some other stuffs there like lipsticks and lip glosses. Hahaha. Later on I'll show you guys the full thing. I mean, all the things. Hahahah! I'm babbling here. :)

My mother has recently bought a set of eye shadow set with blush on from Everbilena. Although I haven't used it that much yet, it does look good right? I'm particularly excited to use the black, silver and grey palettes. I wanted to try out the whole smoky eyes effect that a lot of stars fashion. I haven't tried it yet, but someday I might. Hahaha!

The MAC that I won on a raffle a few months back. I was actually shocked that I won something specially on a raffle since I don't usually win raffles. I'm also very pleased with my prize since it is MAC products and you can't go wrong with MAC. The big one is a plum blush on while the smaller one below it is the rose eye shadow. You can also see there my lip gloss from The Body Shop that my mom bought for me when she bought some lip butter. Of course, you also have to have a separate mirror. I think I've had that mirror since I was in 3rd year high school. Hahaha! Good times.

For my lipstick, I have four types and all in red but with different shades. I have two Maybelline mineral blah blah lipstick, 2 Everbilena lipstick one in matte and the other's shiny mineral something. I really can't remember. Hahaha! As you can see I also have Bench Fix Salon's clay doh, which is for my hair. Two types of eyeliner, a pencil one and a liquid eyeliner. Then at the far right, my L'Oreal mascara.

So, this is all of it. Meager, I know, but it does get the job done. I love my make-up kit but I do want to buy more make-up in the future. I'm also planning on buying a new foundation because my two-way cake is almost gone. I've used it to its last few compact powder. I'm also thinking of buying a different shade of lipstick, maybe pink or violet. Depends on my mood and if it looks good on me when I try it. If you guys have any suggestions on what make-up brands I should try out, just leave it below on the comments section. I'll check it out and tell you guys if I bought it. That's it for me now, bye!

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