Monday, March 19, 2012

Taking Your Make-Up Off

Hey lovely ladies and gents reading this blog! I decided that I'll be showing you guys how I take off my make-up after the day is done. I'm no expert but I think that the way I do it is really effective and not that invasive to my skin. Please don't go on bashing me because the way I take off my make up is wrong but I do want to hear some comments on how to properly take off your make-up under a very low student budget. Anyways, let me start my little tutorial of sorts shall we?

What you need is a good wet wipes or wet tissue of your choice. Be it from Watsons like what I'm using, Bench's line of wet tissues and facial care or those high-end wet tissues/make-up remover tissues. It doesn't really matter anyway. What matters is that it's safe to use on your face, it can take off your make-up and that you got it from a reliable source.

Next thing you need to do is take one wet tissue and fold it in half. The purpose of this is to make the tissue thicker and prevent it from stretching or deforming. Also, it's easier to wipe your face when you have a smaller tissue in your hand. I also found out that when you fold the used side, you'll have a new and fresh side covering it. You can do this 'till your wet tissue is as small as you're comfortable using.

What I usually do is that, I start on my eyes section. I make it a point to always have the make-up on my eyes section to be completely off. I don't want my eyes to get irritated as well as having those early stages of wrinkles. What I do is, I rub gently the wet wipes on my eyes and making sure that I get to wipe off the mascara and the eye liner off. I tend to do this on one whole wet wipes or if I'm satisfied there's no more make-up on my eyes.

After the eyes section, you of course need to remove the remaining make-up on your whole face. What I do is that I start from the middle of my face which is my nose and from there I work it out. My usual routine is: EYES, NOSE, CHEEKS, FOREHEAD, CHIN, NECK.

You also need to wipe your neck and under your chin. I always do this because I put make-up, specifically foundation, on my neck. I do that because I want my face color to match up with my neck color. I don't want to look stupid for having my face color different from my neck color. That just seems to be too dumb for me. Hahaha! Mean, I know. But, it is true!

Next thing that I would do is to make sure that I clean the back of my ears as well. Since I put on make-up even on that part of my face, for full coverage, it is a must to keep your face clean at all times. It was said that if you make sure that your face is clean from dirt and make-up, you won't get pimples that much. So, I really try to clean my face thoroughly without doing it too aggressively that could lead to my skin's irritation.

And, that's it! After I've wiped my make-up off my face I tend to wash my face after to make sure that there are no more make-up molecules left on my skin. Also, I tend to do this first before I wash my face because I found out that it's more effective in terms of taking your make up off this way than washing your face instantly without wiping the make-up off. I also found out that eye liners and mascaras tend to stick on clothes and stain so, it's better to wipe it off your face first before washing it and end up not only soaking your clothes but also staining them with eye liners or mascara drippings.

That's it for me for now. Sorry I haven't been updating much, I was really busy with some things these past few days. I was also in a no electricity, no civilization place hence my unavailability. I'll post more on the following days and I hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial of mine. Hahaha! Adieu for now!

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