Monday, March 12, 2012

Irene's Post-Birthday Lunch Date

Last Friday, March 9, my block mate and friend Irene had a post-birthday celebration in Yellowcab. It was a sort of get together as well for me and my block mate friends. We haven't been together in such a long time, I mean really get together and just get updated on what has happened in our lives. Irene is the one wearing black at the back. No, not the one that has a piece sign. The other one... No, not the one with the glasses. If you haven't noticed, that's me. Hahaha! Yes, the one with the big smile is Irene. Hahaha! I'm only kidding with you about the whole blah that's before this sentence. Haha!

A little something about Irene, she is actually my block mate in DLSU-M but she transferred to DLS-CSB after some complications. She's now taking Architecture in CSB and I am very proud of her. The lovely ladies that's beside her, or to be more precise the one's on her row, are her CSB friends. They're lovely ladies and I'm very sorry, if you are by chance reading my blog, I forgot your names. I know I asked it like 2 times already. I just suck at memorizing things, specially names. I had a great time with you guys though. :) As for the ladies on my side, those are my block mates.

I'm the one wearing polka dots and the glasses. I'll name the girls that are sitting down first. The one that is beside me is Airiz, she's the small but terrible type of person and I love her to bits. Beside her is my forever kaladkarin friend, Tehsa. I call her the forever kaladkarin friend because she's always present in things like this and events. The lovely ladies that are standing up beside me are Mads and Kat. They're our resident Chinese friends. I kid, I'm sorry. I got a bit racist there. Sorry. Mads is my very intelligent friend, specially in Math subjects, and she's taking up Chemical Engineering. Kat on the other hand is my silent and sweet block mate. I love how she always has food. Hahaha!

As you guys can see, we have some derpy photos. Hahaha! I just love Airiz's face on this one. It's like... I just can't explain! Hahaha! You have to really admit, this photo is funny. I remember showing it to them after and well, they're reactions were pretty much the same. Hahaha! Tehsa's reaction is actually quite spot-on. Hahaha! These were good times. Truly, good times.

A more decent photo of them. Airiz actually hates it when I use the camera's flash because I tend to blind her afterwards or she ends up having her eyes closed in the pictures. It's really funny but I won't talk about it much since I know she'll get mad at me when she reads it. And, I know you read this Airiz 'cos you love me. Hahaha! If you don't know it yet, my friends and I love to eat. We absolutely savor good food, specially when it's free. Also, we really love to have fun even in the most simplest ways. I also don't know if it's just me or something but I do find my group of friends quite interesting and fun. They're not too serious and not too wild. They're just right and I like that about them. It makes a good mix.

Gomer's caught in the act. Hahaha! I can see that he's loving the hot sauce with his meat lover pizza in Yellowcab. Oh, speaking of the food. As my ever so lovely faithful readers know, I am a pescetarian and this means that I no longer eat meat. I was actually a bit scared that I might break my diet because it's Yellowcab that we're eating to and the pizzas there are divine. I really thought that I would give in but low and behold, Irene ordered a pizza with no meat in it! She actually ordered 2 pizzas, meat lovers and seafood pizza. I'm very thankful for that, really. Thank God it's a Friday and Catholics have this thing for no meat on Fridays during the Lenten season. That saved my ass big time.

I'm sorry if I didn't have decent photos or even the photo of the food that I ate at that time but you know what, I don't regret it. I'd rather have shitty photos but great memories than great photos but no memories at all. I think I'll leave this post at this. Thanks for reading guys.

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  1. what a way to describe me :)) "kaladkarin"
    to my defense, I'm always present to compensate for my absences. I'm always busy with other things that I always miss our usual tambay moments :))

    1. Duh. You have other friends, that's why you don't come and play with us anymore. Hahaha! Chos! Come and play, where did that come from? Anywho, I'm happy that you're there though. Haven't seen you in a long time. I was actually going to call you my M.I.A. friend but... I didn't. :))

    2. hahahaha! "other friends". its not because of them you know :P I really have been busy. I'm just working with them that's why I spend most of the time with them.

      M.I.A friend & kaladkarin friend is totally ironic :)) but thanks for choosing the other one. is that what you call, reverse psychology? :))

    3. Whatever you think it is, Tehsa. Whatever you think it is. Hahaha! I'm not a psych major. :P Wish you'd divide your time wisely though. They're not your only friends and not to mention, you still have school love. :)) CSO shouldn't be the priority. :P

    4. I know. And I'm sorry. I really am. That's why I'm trying to compensate by being with you guys whenever most of us would be present. Will make up for it after transferring to CSB :)) There are no CSO in CSB, so lets hope for the best :))

  2. Thanks Chuni for posting my Marshall Eriksen picture! :)))

    1. Sure thing, love. :)) It actually suits you. :P


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