Friday, March 02, 2012

Inspiration Trunk: Young, Wild and Free

This week I've been having this nagging feeling in my gut about the things that I should have done, should be able to do and have the right to experience. I know I've been saying it in my blog, specially in my Inspiration Trunk posts, how important it is to be free. I have been fighting for my freedom from boundaries since I entered college and up to now I can't say that I'm in a certain point where I can say that I'm free. What I can say is that I am getting there. I'm slowly making my way towards my freedom. I'm smartly fighting and moving my way towards freedom. I've won some fights but I've also lost some fights. I won't lie, battling for your freedom is hard. It's not an easy thing to achieve. It's not a one time deal.

Freedom is something that we must constantly fight for and preserve. We must never relax and let others take away our freedom right from under our noses. I think it is our fault when we do not have freedom. It is either we are too weak to fight for it and say NO to those who take our freedom or we are afraid how our lives will go when we do get our freedom. Freedom and uncertainty is scary. I know that. I'm scared of not knowing about my future because I want to be free and do what I want. However, that fear can't stop my yearning and need for freedom. I want to be free from all of the boundaries that limit me now but that doesn't mean I'll be a fuck up. No one wants to be a fuck up and no one can say that a person will be a fuck up in the future. I can't understand how any person can say that this person, even if he does something that society considers taboo, will be a fuck up.

People change, people grow and people find their way somehow. Sometimes, people fuck up because they weren't given chances. They weren't given chances to grow, to experience for themselves what the world can give them. I know, the real world can be a bitch. It will bite your head off if you're weak and meager but how can a person become strong and wise if you won't let them experience the world first hand. As they say, experience is the best teacher. We cannot learn from our mistakes and grow, if we can't even experience for ourselves the world and all of its uncensored glory. We cannot protect anyone forever. We have to realize that someday we have to let go and set them free for the world to gobble up whole. How can a child, or even a grown man, survive when he doesn't know how to react to certain things.

There is a lot of shit in the world. There's drugs, sex, alcohol, fights, backstabbers, killers, rapists, molesters, harassers, people who will take advantage of you... I could go on and on, but I won't 'cause I hope you get my point. If we won't let the young ones to experience for themselves the world, they won't be able to survive. How can a person survive in a world where the strong, or the highest tolerance, survives. Admit it, if you're out there and your colleagues asked you out for a drink with your boss. How can a person survive drinking with your colleagues, if you can't even take your alcohol? A lot of people do shitty things when they're drunk. They become slutty, crazy, or just drop dead cold and wake up the next morning with a massive hangover. But if you know how to hold your liquor then you're good. You don't have to worry about that person doing all of the things that I've just said.

I know, my reasoning might be crooked on some of your standards but it is the truth. Actually, another truth is that the more you prohibit the more likely that person would want do it. How can you protect someone when they don't want to be protected because they feel like they're being left out but when a person gets to try things and make decisions for themselves if they like it or not then that's their call. It's not your call to make. We cannot control a person for they will hate you. It may not be vocally but it will be there. I know. Trust me on this. Anyway, I'll end my blabbering here and I'll show you guys some of the photos that inspired me this week. Enjoy! Have a great day and the week-end's coming soon! :)

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  1. i love a person cring that blog
    eu amo a pessoa que criou este blog

    1. Muito obrigado por comentar e amando meu blog. Você não sabe o quanto isso significa para mim. Obrigado!

      Whoever you are, thank you!


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