Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fashion Inspiration: Aztec Prints

Hello lovely ladies and gents! I have been seeing Aztec prints in a lot of international fashion websites and I thought, hey! why not make an Aztec inspired post? So, I searched through some of the international online shops that I regularly check out and typed in Aztec print. Below are some of my favorite outfits that I want to share with you guys. I'm sure most of you also want to know some of the choices you have when it comes to being up-to-date in the ever changing fashion trends of our generation. I won't blabber anymore, here are the outfits that I absolutely love!
Polo Ralph Lauren Half Zip Navajo Waffle Hoody 
Surface To Air Track Shorts Aztec Print 
Free People Cropped Fairisle Jumper 
For more images of my fashion inspiration, Aztec prints, then click the read more!
ASOS Knitted Bodycon Dress in Navajo Pattern
Eleven Paris Oversize Top In Aztec Print
Nasty Gal Aztec Stripe Knit
Wildfox White Label Alamo Intarsia Sleeveless Jumper
ASOS PETITE Bandeau Dress With Aztec Panels
Motel Hillary Aztec Bodysuit
ASOS Summer Dress In Aztec Print
I think I'll end my post here folks. I'm in a bit of a hurry and I have to go home and make a paper. See you guys soon and don't hesitate to leave a comment below with your Aztec inspired look or maybe just a simple greeting. Thanks for reading this Fashion Inspiration post and I hope you check out some of my older posts.

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