Tuesday, March 27, 2012


With eyes dull and no spark, I am no longer part of this reality.
My body numb, detached and cold - no longer functioning
Why? Why do I feel this way? Why do I no longer feel complete.
Save me and pull me from this mindless zombie state.

I have a life, I need a life, I am in my life.
Everything is a blur and nothing is retained.
Friends, family, loved ones... I don't care anymore.
I want to feel something, anything even a little.

The world revolves around me but I stay still.
I am in a state of stasis, immobile and constant
Yet, I can still feel the change within me
But I cannot say if it's a good change or not.

Scared. I am scared of my future and my present life.
I am afraid of this change within me.
I might recluse and hate the world but I feel nothing.
I just want to end everything and be detached from the world.

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