Monday, February 27, 2012

Temples, History & An Exhausting Day

Yesterday, I went to a class field trip with my friend, Sophia, for our class in The History of Civilization. We went to 3 religious temples, a museum and ate at a delicious Thai restaurant for our lunch break in Mall of Asia. I was actually looking forward to this trip since I do love visiting temples and just the general, exploration of the different cultures not only here in the Philippines but also abroad. The temples that we visited were the Hindu temple, the Buddhist temple and the Sikh temple, all in order of what we visited first. My most anticipated temple visit was to the Buddhist temple but I won't be telling you guys why I've been anticipating on going to a Buddhist temple. Not yet anyways.

I'll be blogging about the field trip in this blog post and the temples' different feel, teachings and my opinions about them on another blog post and then I'll make another blog post for our lunch in a Thai restaurant called Jatujak in Mall of Asia. I decided that this would be better than a very long post that would make you guys hate me. Hahaha! So, let's start with my story about this field trip.
I was actually very early, this is something new since I always arrive late in things like this. I guess I was very excited for this field trip. The one thing that I really looked forward to was going to the temples, and getting the chance to experience their culture. The first temple we went to was the Hindu temple in, I actually don't know where since I'm poor with directions and all I know is that it's near my friend's house, Manila. We even asked our friend BJ, which is Sophia's boyfriend, to bring us some food and water. Hahaha!

The next temple that we visited was the Buddhist temple near our school. I was actually very shocked that it was a temple because it looked like an office or a general building. It was very modern and I actually really didn't expect it. I expected an old-fashioned temple with Chinese characters at the front and it'll be all red and the cliche stuff. So, this was actually a great surprise for me. I was really looking forward to visiting the Buddhist temple and truth be told, visiting the temple changed me. I'll talk about that more on my next blog post.

After this visit we went to Mall of Asia to eat our lunch. Me and Sophia decided to eat at Jatujak, a Thai restaurant that me and my mother have eaten a long time ago and I knew that their food was marvelous! Hahaha! We ate some spring rolls, some sate, and I had some noodles. I'll talk about that more in detail on my other post that's all about the food that we ate during this field trip. I've got something very interesting for you guys. Just wait for it!

Next stop, we went to the Sikh temple after our lunch break in Mall of Asia. This was something that I was actually looking forward too as well since Sikhs are famous for their cooking and great tasting food. I was really looking forward to tasting some of their delicacies but I was a bit disappointed when they gave us sandwiches. I won't complain since it is sandwiches but I expected something more exotic. Hahaha! But at least they gave us these crystal looking candies that are lovely to eat. I'll show that to you guys next time. :)

Lastly, we went to Bahay Tsinoy as a homage to the Chinese people in our society. For those of you who don't know what the Bahay Tsinoy is all about, it is a museum that features the history of Chinese people in the Philippines. It has wax cultures that are creepy as hell, monuments and paintings that will explain to you the history of Chinese people in the Philippines. They even have a place for all the successful Chinese people in the Philippines. It was really fun to go to the museum but I think I didn't enjoy it that much since I was really exhausted from our busy day and not to mention sleepy because of, uhmm, something. Hahaha!

Anyway, I think I'll end this post here. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and even to a certain degree inspired you to explore other religions' cultures and have your own temple visit. So, this is me saying goodbye and hope you stay tuned to my next posts about the individual experiences in the temples and the food that I ate during this trip.

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