Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday Night Fever

Last Saturday night, 11 February 2012, my grandmother celebrated her 70th birthday with a bang. After months of preparation and secrets, we finally got the best gift for my grandma and that's to give her a birthday party she didn't expect with an attendance of all the people that matters in her life. I'm really proud to say that her birthday party was a memorable one. We danced, danced and danced some more 'till the clock hits midnight. I've never seen my grandma this happy and I mean genuinely happy.

I remember when she entered the door and we all sang to her happy birthday, she was about to cry. She was really surprised at how many people attended. Although not all of those who we invited were there, it showed me how important my grandma was to others. Hearing stories about her when she was young inspired me to keep on living my life. Her zeal and determination to fight for the urban poor and later on the elderly is so inspiring that I can't help but to look up to her even more.

As you can see, my grandma's 70 years old but she has the agility of person 20 or even 30 years of her age. She even did a dance number for us as part of the program. I can't even tell you guys how much I idolize my grandmother. She's really a woman that deserves recognition and should be boasted to others. I love my grandma and I know that my cousins, her children and all of our relatives love her. She's truly a diamond cut and perfected through time. :)
That's all of us, more or less. We have a really big family and I'm really happy that we are what we are. We may have our differences but we do know that we are a family. No matter what happens, we stick with each other. I'm actually very fortunate to have relatives like them. We're so different from each other that we fit perfectly. I'm really sorry if I'm boasting right now but I just love my relatives. Imagine, how close can you possibly get to have an amazing photo booth session like those pictures above? Hahaha! It was really crazy!

I really want to thank Geronimo Photographico for the Photo Booth, Photo & Video coverage of my grandma's birthday. It was really a great night. I also want to thank our choreographer, Louie, who's a friend of my aunt. He choreographed the Mamma Mia dance medley we did for my grandma and even taught the guests some dance moves. Last Saturday was really a great night. I can't even express myself right now. Yes, sa lagay na to 'di ko pa ma-express sarili ko niyan. Hahaha!

Anyway, I think I'll end the post here and not bombard you guys with the photos from last Saturday since I still haven't edited the photos yet and not all of the photos from that night is uploaded my cousin & from the photographer. Thanks for reading this you guys and I hope you've had a great weekend and an even better week to come!

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