Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiration Trunk: The Pretty Reckless

When can we truly say that we are absolutely free?
When can we genuinely say no one controls our actions & words?
When can be possibly say that we don't give a damn about their opinions?

The band, The Pretty Reckless, inspired me so much today that I'm making a post about them and specially their vocals, Taylor Momsen. You might know her from the top rating series Gossip Girl as the mischievous and somewhat misunderstood, Jenny Humphrey. Or in the old Christmas movie favorite, The Grinch, as Cindy Lou Who. Not a lot of people like her style or the way she's living her life and yet she still carries on. She holds her head up high and doesn't give a fuck about what people say.

She's been labeled as risque and too liberal due to the way she dresses but I think it's her way of sticking it up to the world or the big man. She doesn't care if she's called a panda due to her excessive eye make-up or a slut due to her clothing style. She just keeps on doing what she loves and not giving a fuck to what other's opinions on her and I like that.

I remember seeing her in Gossip Girl's earlier seasons being an innocent little underling of Blair Waldorf and then as the series progresses you'll see the change in Little J. The show kind of allowed her to show her true colors through the way she dresses and the way she puts herself out there. Although some people think that her environment is bad for her since she is still in that developing stage but I think her persona as whole is different from other teen stars that ruined their life.

I can see that she's a fighter and she'll get past anything that comes her way. I mean, she's in control of her self. She is her own person as a friend of mine would always tell me when it comes to being a free person. I feel like she has control and she actually decides on her own when it comes to her life unlike other stars that let other people decide for them. Although Taylor Momsen isn't the best role model for little kids, she is admirable for teens that are begging and wanting to step out of that little cooped up box that society had put us in.

One thing I really like about the band, in general, is the feel of it. It takes me to the rock and roll days of Iron Maiden where you just don't give a shit about the world. It's upbeat and yet soothing at the same time. I can't explain much since it is music and I tend to listen to songs that make me feel something in my heart. I listen to songs, even if they're really old, if the stir up an emotion within me or they convey my feelings, words I can never speak out and thoughts I can never tell to others.

Anyway, I'll end this blog post here and I hope you guys enjoyed the videos. I'll leave this post with more songs from The Pretty Reckless and some photos that inspired me today. All in the common theme of The Pretty Reckless.

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