Friday, January 27, 2012

KMovie: Wedding Dress

The other day I was supposed to go to a general assembly for my organization, ESA (European Studies Association), but I lost track of time and ended up not going out at all. In my free time I saw around 3-4 Korean movies in YouTube. I know, I know. I sound like I have no life but the internet and all of its glory but I do like watching KMovies. They're cute, funny and very entertaining. So, I was watching this KDrama movie entitled Wedding Dress. I thought that it was a romantic comedy type of movie, which Korean movies are very famous for, but it wasn't. I was totally deceived by the look of the movie and the characters in it. Let me tell you why...


The movie, Wedding Dress, is about a mother who finds out that she only has a few months to live and she tries to fight gastric cancer to make sure that her daughter will have a good future. What she doesn't know is that her daughter, knowing that her mother is about to die, is trying her best to fulfill her mother's last wishes. The daughter tried her best to fulfill all of her mother's wishes even if it meant changing her ways. I can't explain it to you guys much without spoiling the movie but I really recommend it.

If you guys are one of those people that like a good tear jerking movie then you'll love this movie. When I watched it, it is literally making me cry while I was on my way home. I couldn't stop myself from crying and get affected with the story's plot. I think one reason why I was so affected was because it tackled a topic that is really close to my heart, matriarchy. I am very attached to my mother and I love her so much that I'll do anything for her, give up anything for her and just being there for her.

I guess this movie kind of portrayed what I would do for my mother if I found out that she was about to die. I would give up my life for her and when I saw that little girl try not to cry and be strong for her dead mother it was just heart breaking. I could see myself in that girl, trying to be strong and yet can't help but cry because her mother isn't there anymore. She'll never come back and yet you know, she's still there for you so you keep on fighting and stay strong.

Anyway, just try watching the movie and I can guarantee that you'll cry and love it. It may not be a happy movie but it's something that's heart warming and real. You can easily relate with it, I'm sure. I'll end this post here and if you want to watch the movie then click on the poster or click here.

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