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KDrama: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop


As you guys know, I have been obsessed with KDramas, KMovies and all things Asian these past few days. I've been preoccupying myself with movies but then I couldn't resist watching series. I got hooked in this one drama because of my crush Lee Ki Woo, a very fine and absurdly tall man. I was actually searching for some of his movies when I came across one of his dramas. So, I checked it out and now I have recently finished watching this cute Korean drama entitled, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. If you're wondering who Lee Ki Woo is, he's the tall one wearing light blue polo. Or just to make it easier, he's the second one from the right. :)


Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is a story about a 25 year old woman that is studying for her Teacher's Licence Exam when suddenly she is attacked by a dashing man in the toilet. I know, a weird setting but you'll actually figure it out at the end that it's something that's part of the story. You have to figure out though what that is 'cause I won't tell it to you guys. All you need to know is that it kind of gets really weird. Hahaha! :)

This is a typical bad rich kid meets normal but determined girl and they fall in love. Nothing special there but what I like about Korean dramas is that they add a little twist to it. They tweak and adjust some of the character's personality and they also add a tinge of unexpected plotting. What I like about this one is the inability of Cha Chi Soo, the leading man or the rich kid in this drama, to recognize that he is in love with Yang Eun Bi, the leading lady or the student teacher/intern. He comes up with the weirdest reason for his actions and it's even backed up with hospital test results and doctor's opinions. I don't know if it's just stupid or maybe some people really do think like that. The thought of falling in love to a person that is so different from your usual lovers is so out there that you can't say to yourselves that it is love. Weird isn't it?

Then comes my favorite guy, Choi Kang Hyuk which is a Korean-Japanese man that becomes the owner of Eun Bi's ramen shop. What's shocking here is that he's Eun Bi's husband according to the last will and testament of her father. Kang Hyuk is not only a warm, sensitive and very loving person he is also, in my opinion, the perfect type of husband. You'll love him and... Oops. Almost told a spoiler there. Hahaha! Let's just see what happens in the end of the drama on who will get who and what will happen to the ramen shop. Not to mention to the "children" of Eun Bi and Kang Hyuk. Hahaha!

Anyway, here's a little something to make you guys understand the relationships more. It won't spoil anything since it's in Korean but if you can read Korean then good for you! Hahaha! :)
I'll just leave it to you guys who is who and what are their relations. It's more interesting that way, don't you think? I do hope that I sparked even a little bit of your interest in watching this KDrama. let me know what you think about by just commenting below and I need fellow fans. My friends aren't that fond of Korean dramas. Hahaha!

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  1. I completely agree with you, i LOVED this drama! It was so funny at times, the plot was good and fast so it never got boring and i TOTALLY fell in love with Kang Hyuk! (SO HOT!) but yea it was awesome!!


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