Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspiration Trunk: Touch

The power of a person's presence and touch, for me, is far more greater than any gift or sweet words that a person can give. The electrifying intensity that only you and the other person can feel is magical and intoxicating. The soft skins brushing against each other and forming silent patterns in your brain that can make you feel at home is almost too hard to bear for me. So, I thought that this feeling of contentment and pleasure that only another human being's presence can bring is my inspiration for this week. Even if the week is almost over, I want you guys to know about this inspiration of mine. Thoughts on touch and the feeling of love through the presence of another.

You can't deny that the power of a person's touch even if you like the person or not is very great. The feeling of someone intruding your personal space and just being there is something both disturbing and pleasurable. Imagine you're in the subway station and a man you don't know suddenly stands next to you and your arms touch, even for a fraction of a moment, you'll feel an electricity coursing into your veins.

You might like it, you might not but you can't deny that the electricity was there and the bitter coldness that accompanied it when his arms moved away. I'm not saying that you should revel the presence of strangers but what I'm trying to point out is that if you try and observe the littlest things in your life just like a simple touch, you might have a more content and satisfying life. It is through that simple touch with a stranger that you can feel a spark of electricity, what more if it was a lover or a relative? Touch is something that we often set aside, what we don't know is that some of our most favorite things to do with our body involves the sense of touch: holding hands, kissing, skin to skin action.

Sometimes, even the lack of touch makes us yearn for more. It makes us restless and unstable. As they say, No man is an island. We cannot live by ourselves and keep ourselves from other people. We yearn for others attention and affection. We as human beings need each other to survive. Savoring a little skin to skin contact will do you some good. Truth be told, I sometimes have the strange feeling of someone hugging me and consoling me when I feel down. My fingers feel as if someone is holding them and it makes me feel assured that someone loves me. Somewhere out there is a man/woman that will love me for who I am and will hold me forever. Isn't that thought comforting and endearing? Hahaha! Anyways, I'll end this post with some of the photos that I've found in Google and in Tumblr to give you guys a little bit of inspiration for the weekend.

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