Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Inspiration Trunk: Messy Hair

Hello lovely readers!

These past few days I've been having this urge to mess my hair up, curl it and just let it twist and turn in different ways. I've even tried doing different sides of my hair. I never really realized that having a messy hair is okay. I remember my mother saying to me that I should always brush my hair, tie it up or just brush it because I had wavy hair since I was a baby. However, last year I made a decision to have my hair relaxed making it straighter and to my opinion now, dull. I hate not having volume and that oompf in my hair. So, here I am sharing to you guys the beauty of messy hairstyles. Learn to love your hair no matter what type it is. Your hair is your crown glory, remember to always flaunt it! It's all about self-confidence. :)


I think it's important for a person to love their hair even if it is messy, be it because of a bad haircut or just a tiring day. Here are some celebrities that fashion the "messy look" type of hairstyle. I hope you guys will be inspired by their different ways on how to sport this look.


Photo courtesy of Tumblr & Google

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