Monday, January 02, 2012

College 101: Tip Number Eight

If you're from my school, De La Salle University-Manila, then you'd probably know that we have a hell for an elevator in Andrew building. You would also probably know that the stairs might be the best option to use if you're in a hurry or late for your class. And when I saw this video, I instantly remembered that piece of DLSU that is just screaming "HELP! I'M IN AN AWKWARD SCENARIO!". So, I decided to put the video here and also give some advice on how to avoid awkward scenarios while waiting/during/after an elevator ride.
  1.  Get a distraction. I always find it hard to wait for the elevator because I feel like I'm wasting my time waiting for something that might not even be my ride. You know? It's like you have to wait for the elevator to come but then when it's your turn to ride it's already full and you have to wait for another one. That just makes me anxious. I try to get distracted, be it with my music player, my phone or if you're one of those people that have an iPad, play with it. This also goes for when you're with friends because let's face it, you're distracted from the world when your friends are there. As much as possible I have friends with me when I'm in Andrew. It's just more fun. Hahaha!
  2. Observe. One past-time that I do when I'm waiting for the elevator is that I observe people. Sometimes while I listen to some music in my music player I watch other people on how they act, dress or what's their year and course. I can differentiate the COBs, CLAs, COS and the COEs easily. Hahaha! It's a good past time when you're alone and hey, you might see your crush there as well!
  3. Make scenarios in your head. This is something that a lot of people do when they're bored or when they are put in a situation that let's their mind wander. I do this a lot specially when I'm late. I tend to make excuses or practice excuses in my head so that when I get to my class and the professor asks, I know what to say. Sometimes, the professors do know the hell we're going through so some of them do give a 5 minutes grace period or sometimes even 10 minutes.
Before I start with the during portion of the awkward elevator scenarios, I have to tell you guys that if you're in Andrew building always check first if the elevator line you're going to queue is the DO elevator. What do I mean by the DO elevator? The DO elevator is the elevator that Discipline Office's officers rig to make the elevator go faster. It's usually the elevators that don't show what floor it's in. I like lining up in these because they're faster and the DOs would make sure that others would use the elevator correctly, meaning to say they won't hog space! So, I really suggest lining up in the DO elevator if you are in a hurry. Also, wait for the people going out of the elevator to go first before you barge in the elevator. You have to let them go out first before you get in, it's common elevator etiquette.
  1. Never hog space. We all hate those who hog space in the elevator. You don't want to be the cause of someone's tardiness or delay. Just endure a few minutes of no personal space so that everyone can get to their floors on time. I think that if one person starts doing it, it would gradually stick and no one will hog space in the elevator. The only reason you can hog more space is when you have a huge varsity player bag or what they call a duffel bag or any form of big ass bags. That is the only reason you can hog space.
  2. Volume down. I can't even tell you guys how irritating it is for others when  group of people enters the quiet elevator and starts chatting away like the person they're chatting with is in the other side of the mountain. I mean, I get it that you guys are talking but please do avoid chatting like the other person's deaf. It is annoying and not to mention scandalous. I admit that I sometimes do this when I enter the elevator but I do stop when I am inside. I either lower my voice or stop talking altogether. It's just a manner of courtesy to others.
  3. Eat if you must, crunch you may not. I think it's just me but I don't like it when someone is eating crunchy stuffs in the elevator. Imagine an airtight place, quite and serine then... CRUNCCHHH. It's distracting! Hahaha! I'm not that distracted but it is a bit annoying. crunch. crunch. crunch.
Also, I think eating is okay in the elevator but I think I have to remind you guys, specially to DLSU students that it is prohibited to eat at certain places in Andrew building. I remember a LAmb (Lasallian Ambassador) tell me during my freshman year that eating is prohibited in anywhere that has marble. If the floor is marble, you can't eat there.
  1. Get out as quickly as possible. I think it's a matter of respect for others that are in the elevator to get out of the elevator as quickly as possible so that others can get it or go to their floor faster. Never be the cause of delay or you'll get cursed behind your back. Hahaha!
  2. Never forget your manners. A lot of people suddenly forget their manners when they're in a hurry or preoccupied and I understand that but it is proper to say excuse me when you want a person to get out of your way. Never forget your manners because it can say a lot about you. It isn't that bothersome to say excuse me. Also, never bump others to get out of your way 'cos that's just wrong and rude.
  3. Say thank you. This goes for the person or the DO officer that is handling the door. I occasionally say thank you to the person that's holding the "hold" button for me. You don't know how painful it is to get the doors shut when you're midway through it. Hahaha! So, I always say thank you to the DO officer or to the person that's holding the "hold" button. 
And I think that concludes my tip on elevator situations. I hope I helped you guys by informing you some of these stuff or by just letting you remember some of these. Also, the holiday season is about to end and we'll be going back to school in a day or maybe a week for some and I hope that you guys are prepared. I'll be posting another College 101 segment either later or tomorrow about the essential items you need in school. So, check that out when it comes out.

If you have other pet peeves or elevator etiquette that you want to share
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