Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Celebrity Crush: Benedict Cumberbatch

Do you guys see that fine man above? Yes? Do you recognize him? Yes? No?

Well, that my dear readers is Benedict Cumberbatch. He is currently playing the role of Sherlock Holmes in the hit British series, Sherlock, alongside Martin Freeman. There are a few things I love about him and I'm gonna tell you guys why I do love him. You may not agree with me, but I will still love this fine man here. Heehee!
One reason why I love Benedict Cumberbatch is that he can make you melt with just his eyes. He can stare you down and make your ovaries explode. You want proof? I'll gladly give you one. No, make that three!
Did you see what I mean? The intensity of his eyes when he looks at the camera is just marvelous. I can't explain how I am drawn to him when he looks the way he look. Another thing that I like about Benedict Cumberbatch is his voice. He has the most soothing voice and not to mention the fact that he can sound like Alan Rickman, another brilliant man. Here's a video of him doing an Alan Rickman impersonation.

I think I'll end this here. I don't want to make this that long. All I have to say is that I love this sexy beast that is named, Benedict Cumberbatch. I'll leave you guys with this awesome GIF.
Photo courtesy of Tumblr & Google 

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  1. Yup he's my celebrity crush too.


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