Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Asian Appreciation


I have been preoccupied for the past few days and I can't say that I'm preoccupied with something important, actually it is pretty mindless. I've been watching Korean movies last week and it kind of ventured out into the whole Asian spectrum of movies. I never really expected to like them as much as I do now and it was something different from the whole Western type of movies. Even if the plots were almost cliche-ish, it was interesting and addicting. I'm more into the romantic comedy types and maybe the dramas a bit but I'm not that into horror/suspense type of movies. My heart just can't take much of the suspense and I tend to get really bad nightmares from them. So, I stick with the funny and kilig movies. I think it's because I am a sort of hopeless romantic and I tend to visualize how my love life would unfold.

I am really sorry about not blogging these past few days. I just can't help but watch Asian movies. It's quite addicting. I know, It isn't the right time to be preoccupied with such things but I just can't help it. I got hooked. Anyways, I'm gonna show you guys some of the movies that I watched in a span of 2 weeks. Truth be told, I watch 3-4 movies a day since my addiction to Asian movies started. Hahaha! So, I watched a lot of movies the past few weeks and I'm trying to stop myself from watching series since that'll be more addicting and not to mention harder to stop or pause for a moment to resume normal life.

The movies that I've watched as of this moment are all from the chink-eyed countries in Asia like China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. I haven't delved into the Malayan countries yet since they are harder to find online, I think. I just haven't researched on them yet. You might ask what's the difference from the chink eyed countries and the Malay countries... Well, I think in plot wise they are culturally different. They have different ways on tackling issues or topics on love and family. Then there's also the difference on the way the characters are portrayed. For example, Japanese movies are more open to sexuality and the ideas are really out there while the movies from Vietnam or Thailand let's say are more conservative and they tend to show love in a slower pace than those in Japanese movies. I'm not an expert on this but it's purely based on my observation.

Actually, there are even some differences on how movies from China, Korea and Japan are made. One movie that I saw from China was recent but it had a twist of ancient culture in them. I also noticed that they tend to incorporate some of their traditions in their movies even if it is a recent and non-period type of movie. For Korean movies, I noticed how they like love stories. Be it a sad and heart breaking love story or a funny and upbeat love story. However, I did observe that they tend to stick to cliches and just have a slight twist in them. Also, they tend to kill characters or make them very ill at the end when it's a sad movie. Hahaha! I don't like those kinds of movies since I cry easily and I get affected by movies easily. For Japanese movies, I think they have more of the outgoing and totally out there type of movies. They also like making movies that come from mangas or comic novels. What I like about Japanese movies is that they have a way of making movies that seem almost bittersweet and very borderline dark.

So, here are some of the movies that I have seen. I was supposed to put links on the movies but it turns out that some of the videos here were shut downed on YouTube. I suggest you guys go to and try looking for these movies there. I'll try putting on the redirect link to the YouTube videos if they're there but if they're not then just go to I hope you guys will enjoy the movies and let me hear your thoughts on it. Also, do follow me for some of the movie reviews that I might make about the movies that I have seen and other updates. :)




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