Thursday, December 22, 2011

Viral Spotlight: Miki Mortel

Hello lovely people of the blogosphere!

I was being a ninja earlier today in Facebook when suddenly I saw one of my major-mates post a video of this guy saying that he can look like Piolo Pascual, a local actor, through make-up. He was really believable and he actually did a lot of research but then as the video goes by, well. I won't spoil it for you guys. Just watch it and see what'll happen.

After seeing that video above, I looked him up on YouTube and saw his channel. Surprisingly enough, he was a singer too. He covers popular songs and I had to admit some of my favorite songs like Fix You by Coldplay and The Script's For The First Time just to name a few. What I particularly like about this guy is that he's funny, down-to-earth and very cute. I know, I know. What a bias that is, but what can do? He is a good looking chap.

Just a few facts about him since I've watched some of his videos. He's a Filipino living in Texas but his family lives in New York. If I got that right. Hahaha! Anyway, he's a standard Filipino height which is 5"5/5"6 and his shoe size is...  I forgot. All I know is this guy is someone to look forward to. He also sounds a lot like Luan Legacy, a very well-known and popular YouTuber. I think that's all for my Viral Spotlight. Talk to you guys again soon. :)


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