Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Something Big!

Hello lovelies!

I am planning something big these coming days. I'll be very active in the blogosphere because it's Christmas break soon! *yay!* I'm thinking of a lot of things specially the coming days because as we all know, it's Christmas soon! Even though we haven't decorated the house all christmasy and the like, I still want to let you guys feel that it's Christmas here in my blog or at least me being active. So, what have I planned?

I've planned that I'll be doing a 12 days of Christmas like posts where I'd show you guys some things in numerical order up to Christmas day itself where something really big, or at least on my opinion it is big, will happen. Remember that giveaway I was thinking? Well, there's something like that here. Heehee! Let's just see what happens, okay? I think this'll also serve as an inspiration for me or a drive so that I'll post entries more regularly.

I really want to give you guys something since it is that time of the year and I really wanna boost up my loyal readers. I think this'll also be a sort of thank you to you guys for being so good to me and I have not yet been given any negative feedback of any sort. So, I'm thankful for that. Anyway, just keep on coming back and wait for something new here in my blog.

Thanks guys! ♥

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