Monday, December 19, 2011

Renee's Giveaway 2011!

Hey you guys!

Guess what? I'm finally giving a giveaway! Yeay! I've given this a lot of thought and I think that my blog is somewhat ready for its very first giveaway! Although I can't let my international followers join because I can't pay for international shipping yet, I am opening this giveaway to all my Philippine resident followers. Or if you want, you can join the giveaway even if you're not from the Philippines and  has some relatives here in the Philippines. I'll just send it to one of your relatives here in the Philippines! Yeay! I'm really sorry if I am disappointing my international followers. I really can't afford international shipping yet. Maybe on my future giveaways? Yeah? :)

So, what will you be winning? You might ask. Well, I'm giving away stuffs from my online shop, B&D, and some personal stuffs that I know my readers would like. And no, these are not creepy stuffs. They're actually something that keeps me inspired and very positive in life. So, here are my prizes!

The first prize winner will be getting an item from my online shop's collection, Tabbitha. It's a bohemian inspired blouse that will surely give you that laid-back and chill style. Also, I'll be partnering it with a bohemian style necklace and to top it all off, their very own lookbook account!

The second prize winner will receive a book entitled, Ophelia. It's actually a very good book that I personally love and read. It's a re-telling of the famous tragic story of Hamlet but in the eyes of his lover, Ophelia. This is actually my copy and inside the book I've noted/tabbed some lines that I really really love and I hope the winner of this prize would do too. I'll partner it off with a homemade bookmark with inspirational quotes in it and 2 overly cute post-its! And again, to top it all off, their very own lookbook account!

The last prize, the third prize winner on the other hand will receive a 50% off on all items in my online store, B&D. I really thought about this and I think that it'll be a bit unfair if this'll be the only prize the person will get because I know that this isn't as grand as the first two but there are a lot of great stuffs in the shop and the winner will get 50% off on all items for 6 months. Yep, that's right. The discount code that I'll be giving this winner will be valid for 6 months. So that'll be from Dec. 25 to Jun. 25! Also, they'll be getting their very own lookbook account!

And hey, don't worry if you're not the first, second or third prize winner 'cos you'll still get something! Remember that 20% off all the items in my online shop? Yep. That'll be my thank you gift to everyone that has followed, commented and visited my blog. Even though I'm not new to this blogging scene and even if I am not the most active blogger, I still appreciate you guys. I appreciate all the joy that you have given me and this is my little way of thanking you all.


  1. Follows my blog via Google Connect. It's on the top-right hand corner. (+1 entry)
  2. Follows my Twitter Account. (+1 entry)
Additional Entries:
  1. Like B&D on Facebook. (+1 entry)
  2. Add me on Facebook. (+1 entry)
  3. Add B&D on Facebook. (+1 entry)
  4. Tweet about this giveaway: Look @chunibebe's blog is having a giveaway! #reneegiveaways Click to find out how to join: (+3 entries)
  5. Share this on Facebook! (+3 entries)
  6. Blog about it! (+5 entries)
The giveaway and the acceptance of entries end at 9:00 pm on Dec. 25, 2011. I'll be drawing the 3 winners on the same day via where I'll be manually putting your names and if you do all the 8 things above you'll have 16 entries all in all! So, how about that? Nice, huh? Just don't forget to tag #reneegiveaways on your post/tweets so that I'll have an easier time tracing it back and validating stuff. Good luck dears!


Comment below what you did and the links to it! Just to help me keep track of who's entering and the number of entries made. I'll be announcing who's the winner on Dec. 26,2011. Thanks you guys and again, Good luck!
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