Monday, December 19, 2011


Hey there lovely!

I've made a few decisions today and one of them was to have my own domain name. Although I haven't tweaked it yet and to let it become my server or anything (or something like that), I did make it redirect the link through this blog. I know. It may sound like a total whatever that's so easy but it's really an accomplishment for me! I mean, I have my own domain! Imagine that! I'm not even the most tech savvy person in this house. I literally just dip my hands on a few things here and there that kind of resembles being a tech savvy person but hey... I HAVE MY OWN DOMAIN! And, here's how I did it!

Sorry about the boasting. I'm just too happy that I've finally decided on getting a domain name and it's all thanks to DOT.TK. is a domain site that lets you have your own domain name for free. That's right, it's free! However, there are some down sides here specially to those that are not tech savvy like me. You have to manually put your CNAME and A-something in the site and sometimes it won't work even if you're doing what blogger has already told you to do. It's really too complicated for me so I just opted to redirect the link to my blog. It's easier for me to do that since I really have no clue on all this domain stuff. But not to worry, since they also give you the choice of upgrading your domain name and actually pay for it. If you do this, I think they'll help you and make it easier for you to set up your own domain.

For you to get your own free domain, the first thing you need to do is register in and just follow the registration process. Next is to find out whether or not the domain name you want is already taken or is still available. And if it is available, they will automatically register that domain to you! After you've gotten your desired domain name, you have to configure how the domain would serve you. Would you want it to be your main domain server? Or would you want it to just redirect anyone who typed your domain name to your blog like what I did? And after that... well. You're done!

You can now enjoy your very own domain name for 1 year, totally free. Don't worry though, you can re-register your domain name once the 1 year period is done with no pay. It's just their way of checking whether or not the domain is still active or not. Also, they have a policy that if the domain has not been active for 3 months meaning there's below 25 hits during that 3 months, the domain would be up for grabs yet again.

So, you can now visit this blog by just typing down this very short domain:

Anyway, I think that'll be the end of my post. I hope you guys have learned something and I've helped you in any sort of way. If I did help you, do tell me in my comment section just bellow this post!
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