Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last Touch Till Goodbye

Holding you tight in this dirty room
Our breaths tingling our hairs,
The television droning out the screams.
Am I really here with you?
Or is this just my fantasy?

Maybe my eyes are deceiving me,
Or maybe my heart is just yearning.
I want to be with you now, my love.
And yet I do not wish to be yours.
How can I be yours when I am his.

I can never be yours for my heart is his.
My mind and body has succumb,
To your temptations and your love.
But I cannot be yours now.
I am under his spell and not yours.

May this be the last kiss,
the last suckle and the last touch.
I can never do this again.
I just can't give him up for you.
You are nothing compared to him.

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