Tuesday, December 20, 2011

College 101: Tip Number Six

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I haven't done this in quite a while and I think I need to write down another tip for you guys. I've already told you 5 tips on how to survive college and I think there's still a lot more to say. Although, I do have some sort of dry spell when it comes to these long and essay like posts. So, I think I'll make this short.

Tip # 6: Have a break

A lot of you might think that college is a hell hole where the stress is unbelievable and the only thing you can do to unwind is go to a party. that's where you're wrong. Taking a break doesn't necessarily mean that you should drink the Fridays away and wake up on a Saturday noon with a terrible hangover. No! There are a lot of things that can help you unwind and here are some things that I do to unwind.
  1. Go on a trip. A lot of people find road trips and getaways as a form of relaxation and recreation. I think that going on a 2-day vacation or maybe a solid long-weekend vacation with your family or friends is great way to banish those stress points in your body. It lets you see a new scenery, breath smoke free air and even taste something different. It's actually really easy nowadays to go on trips since there are a lot of promos in both air and marine transportation. It is a lot easier now to go anywhere you want just as long as you have the money.
  2. Get a massage. This is one of my favorite things to do when I want to get a break from all the stress in school or anywhere else. I love getting massages specially the very long and body-stretching ones. I don't know why but there's just something really relaxing when the masseuse would knead that sore lower back portion of yours due to all the crouching and reading you've done in school. Gah! It's simply wonderful. Also, massage parlors/spas nowadays have packages where you can have the total stress remover type of pampering that'll make you forget about your problems. One of my favorite is the aromatherapy massages they have. I suggest you guys try that or maybe the revitalizing massages.
  3. Have a day out with friends. This is a bit costly unless you have friends like mine that are in to low-cost adventures, food and general fun. You can just chill out in one of your friend's condo and eat some chips or something. Those are just the moments where you can just hang out and talk. Talking is a form of relaxation, a way of sharing your feelings and it actually helps. Those are one of my favorite things to do to unwind. I just love how me and my friends are when we're together. I love my friends. ♥
  4. Chill with a good book. I won't elaborate much on this one because it is a bit selective 'cos some people don't like reading too much but for me, I love reading. Though I don't do it much anymore, I still read when I have the time and that becomes my break.
  5. Go to a park and sink the environment in. I love the outdoors and it's one of my favorite things to do when I have no money and I want to see something different. You know? It's actually good for you to look at green and blue colors because those are soothing colors and it'll help you relax.
  6. Do your hobby/Get a hobby. During times where I have nothing to do and I'm still stressed about school, I usually do what I love to do. I take photos and write on my journal. I usually do that to unwind and just express myself. :)
I assure you, when you've done one of these things you'll feel fresh, revitalized and ready to get stressed once again. I'm not saying that this'll work for everybody but it does work on a good percentage of people. Me and my friends would do some of these things when we feel like school is being a bitch to us. 

Comment and share below if you have a way on how to keep
your stress levels down. I'd love to hear from you guys.

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