Monday, December 05, 2011

Blackberry Blues

Hello loves!

How are you guys? If you're wondering, I am fine. I'm a bit pissed off though because my phone is being a bitch. I can't send some of the photos that I have in my phone since I've seem to misplace my USB cable. I know, I know. This sucks, but I have to move on. I tried sending the photos via Bluetooth but then it was waaaayyy too long, so I stopped. I really wish I'd find it soon because I have so many things to share to you guys!

Anyway, here's an update on my Not-So-Daily Look segment since I've been feeling very inspired these past few days. I don't know why I want to dress up but then, hey t least I've got something to write and also at least I get to look good once in a while. Yeah? So, here's my look!

Okay, a short story about this look. This look is actually something new to me because I usually don't wear these types of clothes or the lack of it but I just wanted to give it a try. As my friend, Farzaneh would say, take that leap of faith! And, I did. I tried out something new and I think it got some positive comments on some of my friends. How about you guys, what do you think? Let me know and comment below! I'd love to her what you guys think!

Anyway, I'll be off now. I'm gonna sleep early because I have a presentation in Literature class tomorrow. Night guys! Love you all! *kisses*
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  1. hooray! we're taking leaps of faith! :)
    i like what you're wearing! ive always wanted to try those long blouses too! :)

  2. Nice denim blouse :D

    ♥ Maria


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