Friday, November 25, 2011


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A look. A touch. A snide remark.
It all brings pain to my heart.
With every comment you say behind my back,
It engraves deep within my heart.

I try not to weep or cry out in despair.
My heart wants to stop and die in pain.
But my mind, my mind is strong.

(photo from Google)

I refuse to give up and stop.

For living life is all I've got.
And no one can stop me from living.
No one can stop my heart from beating.
No one can stop me from fighting.

Even if pain is with my from today to tomorrow.
My never ending journey to tomorrow,
I'd still gladly take it.
For living even if it is with pain,
Is still living all the same.

A poem for those who are in pain. I just want to let you guys know that even if you are in pain, all of this will pass in time. Life is worth fighting for. Life is something that we should cherish because with our lives, memories are made. Even if it's a bad memory or a good one, it is still a memory. It's a proof that we are here. We exist! We are alive! So please, think before you pull the trigger. Think before you decide to stop fighting. Think before you decide to leave everyone behind. Life is too short that even cutting it by killing yourself is just unfair.
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