Tuesday, November 29, 2011

College 101: Tip Number Five

Hello loves!

I haven't done this in a while and I thought that maybe it's time to start posting again one of my most viewed segment. I have been out, meaning school was very harsh on me and I was too tired to actually write things that are blog worthy. So, what tip can I give you guys after my long break?


I know, I know. This tip might not be the easiest thing to do but I do know that it isn't impossible. Just because you are in college, it doesn't mean that you can't have fun and go out once in a while. As some might say, all work and no play makes a person waste away. Or something like that. Hahaha! So, here are some tips on how you can enjoy college:

  1. Try Cross-Enrolling. I know that some people actually like to stay in their comfort zones and stick to their college when enrolling but I found out that the best way to get the floating subjects and meet new friends is through cross-enrolling to another college. I'm speaking in terms of my school of course but I know for a fact that cross-enrolling is a good way to get the easy professors for the floating subjects.
  2. Enroll in a class where you don't know anyone. This one goes well with my first tip, which is cross-enrolling since most likely you won't have a friend in the class and you'd be forced to make new friends in your class. Also, more probably than not your professors would group you guys and you'd meet new people! Yay!
  3. PARTY LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW! I am not an expert on partying or going out till the break of dawn with my friends because I have a curfew but I must tell you guys that, when an opportunity comes for you to party, you must seize it! I really suggest you go to every party you can go to, specially those who has incentives from your professors. The COB courses love to give incentives on parties. Hahaha! So, party whenever you can and just get happy!
  4. Enjoy the hardships. Again, I know. This seems like I'm talking rubbish here but you have to look at it in a different perspective. When you're going through some hard times, you'll get to see the beauty of things and when you do, you'll be thankful for it. So, I say to you! Enjoy those hard subjects! Enjoy the long sleepless nights! Enjoy everything for you can only experience the thrill in something new once. You can recreate it but never re-experience. 
  5. Live everyday as if it was your last. Never let a pebble be unturned. You must seize the opportunities that come your way and always think for the moment. I know, I know. Your parents might be telling you that you should prepare for the future, and I'm not contending that. All I'm saying is that I think you shouldn't let your life go pass you by just because you're too busy planning for the future. Just enjoy the now and worry about the future when the now is a past.
I hope you guys got what I meant, specially the last one. I hope I helped you guys and good bye for now! It has been such a good day for me today! Anyway, good night and good bye!

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