Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Business Plans

Hello loves!

I have been thinking, for quite some time now actually, that I really need to pursue this business of mine. I have been trying to start my own business but I just can't seem to be consistent. I mean, I tried to update regularly or even put up items there but it seems like, not a lot of people actually care. I know, it shows how egotistical I really am but I just can't get it out of my head. I have made a few tweaks here and there, but I dunno. Hahaha!

Anyway, here are some of the business plans that I have thought of doing:

  • Sell clothes. Most of them are clothes that I found in thrift stores and are very very top of the class. This is actually something that I'm already doing and I think that I've been doing well but then I'm not selling much. I was thinking of lowering down the prices some more but it'll be too low even for me. I'm not really sure anymore.

  • Sell Customized Shirts/Fandom Shirts. I'm delving onto this as well but I'm still canvassing on the prices of the shirts and if I'd actually be the one to do the printing or let someone else do it. I know how to do it but I don't think I have the time. Or I just lack the conviction, which is one reason why I am really thinking it over. I just hope I can do this! No pressure!

  • Personalized Tumblers. This would definitely be a joint project with my aunt since she's the one who knows the suppliers and all that jazz but I'm really positive on this one. I like designing and I think the designs I could give would be sellable, well I hope it does.
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  • Calendars/Planners. I'm also thinking of doing these because I found out that I have lots of ideas for calendars and planners. Also, I'd like to challenge myself on planning and actually designing these things.
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  • Sell Accessories. Okay, this would also be a joint project but with my cousin since she's all arty fartsy like that. We'd be doing accessories from clay and it would be in different designs. I remember seeing one of her works, it was a snake or was it cobra that was wrapped around your finger and the tail would be the one that'll hold the piece together.
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What do you guys think? Should I continue with them or not? I really need your honest to God opinion. I want to make this thing right. So, I'd like your opinion. Comment away!

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  1. you should pursue it and dont stop pag nasimulan mo na. :D followed you back dear. ♥


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