Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vern's Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

Hello loves!

One of my favorite blogs here in the Philippines is giving away a chance to get, not just one outfit but a head to toe ensemble care of the ever so famous retail store: Penshoppe. The blog that I'm talking about is Vern Enciso's A Shoe Tale. If you guys don't know her blog or haven't heard of it before, I strongly suggest that you do check her blog out because she posts interesting events, fashion trends and even her daily look.

So, you might be wondering why do a giveaway? Well, it's her blog's 1st birthday! And you guys might know that maintaining a blog is not easy and the fact that she managed to do posts almost every day is beyond me. So, she's doing a series of giveaways and this is the last and grandest one. I just joined the giveaway and I thought that maybe you guys might like it too. If you're interested on joining the giveaway then go to Vern's blog, A Shoe Tale. Just follow the rules and let's cross our fingers!


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  1. thanks for droppin' by renee! :) follow me back? please? hihihi. :)


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