Friday, October 14, 2011

Tropical Adventure in Cagayan de Oro | Metrodeal Deal of the Day!

This week, and the past few weeks as a matter of fact, had been horrible to me. I cannot even discuss to you guys how tiring, stressing and irritating these past few weeks had been. I might self-combust and make a mess here in my room if I'd even try. Anyway, I noticed that most of my readers, or the people that gets lost in my blog, loved the post on the Lazer Maxx deal I've made a few months back. So, I decided that I'd give you guys another deal that I've found in Metrodeal.

Here is a deal for the wanderlust people out there. This is a complete package deal from Metrodeal that lets you go to Cagayan de Oro and experience one of its main attraction, White Water Rafting. I have been lucky enough to actually try the extreme sport and I must say that it is extremely fun. It is a mixture of physical strength, mental alertness and even to some point emotional stability specially when the rubber boat your riding gets flipped over. Here's one of our photos from the White Water Rafting experience:

As you can see, the water was not crystal clear that day and that was due to the heavy rain the day before. It doesn't change anything though since you are there for the experience and even if the water is chocolate colored, it doesn't lessen the beauty of the path you'll take. I assure you that the White Water Rafting experience is worth all the body ache, sore muscles and bruises you'll have after. I didn't regret anything and I'm very sure that I'll be doing it again someday, soon.

The deal is a bit pricey, 6999 pesos to be exact, but it is a reasonable price since it already includes roundtrip airfare, 3 days/2 nights accommodation, airport transfers and White Water Rafting transfers and even the White Water Rafting experience. I mean, if you were to ask me I'd say that is one sweet deal! If I had the money, I'd definitely go to Cagayan de Oro again. I love the place!

The deal is valid from October 31, 2011 to October 30, 2012. So, you guys better buy one if you can. Imagine going to Cagayan de Oro during the hot summer days of March or if you're an adrenaline seeker, try going there during the rainy season to get the crazy current of the sea.

I think I'll end my post here since it does look rather long. I hope you guys enjoy and like this post. I'll make sure that I'll post other interesting, fun and pocket friendly deals that I see in those "deals" sites. Also, watch out for the next "Viral Spotlight" post that I'll be doing that features an up and coming band. So, yeah. Watch out for that! Oh, and also for the next "College 101" posts that will focus on smoking and other vices that are sooo addicting.

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