Wednesday, September 07, 2011

College 101: Tip Number Four

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It has been a while since I've posted on my segment, College 101 and I think this is the perfect time to post another tip since it is the 1st day of classes in my school and to all other schools out there in the world. I actually have a lot of ideas on what to put with this post but I decided that it was best if I would tackle a topic that most college students or any student at that matter would appreciate. I decided to do a "HOW TO HAVE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION" post! I know a lot of people give a great deal of fussing and all that when it comes to making a first impression and I know most of you must already know what a first impression can do to you. I know for a fact that most professors tend to consider how they would conduct a lesson by the first impression he has on the class. It could potentially make or break your plans of getting that high grade.

I remember way back when I was still a Frosh, the first years were called as such in DLSU, and one of our professors blatantly told us that he hated freshmen students because they were noisy, which is true as I figured out on my later years in school. It was so traumatic to us because we were noisy and we were freshmen students. I remembered how that professor would give us lectures, tests and just his way of handling our class that we knew it wasn't gonna be a smooth term. I'm not saying that it was the professor's fault or ours but we did give him an impression that our class was noisy even before he had started his class because we were noisy and actually now as I reflect upon it, we were in a point where we were shouting inside the classroom and laughing boisterously. Hahaha!

So what am I trying to say? I'm trying to say is this, FIRST IMPRESSIONS CAN HAVE A GREAT EFFECT ON HOW YOUR TERM MIGHT GO. Try not to give a bad impression with your new classmates and with your professors because you do have to put up with them for a whole term right? So, here are some simple tips that could potentially give you a great first impression:
  1. Give Respect. Respect can get you a long way and it goes in both ways. As some would say, Respect is received when respect is given. In a classroom setting you must remember that you are there to learn and not to socialize with your classmates. It is okay to talk with your classmates but you should know when to stop when the professor is already inside the classroom, even if he/she had just entered the classroom.
  2. Look Sharp and Pay Attention. Imagine this, you are the professor and you see two students. The first student looks sharp and keen to study your class while the second student looks like he's just there to get the course over with. Who would you most likely to treat better, the first or the second student? I would most probably like the first student more since that student shows interest in my subject and I would most likely give that student a better chance than the other student. Also, a professor would most likely feel happy to teach in a class that has attentive and sharp looking students than a class filled with students that doesn't give any shit about the subject.
  3. Dress to Impress. I cannot even fathom what a professor would think if he came inside a classroom filled with students that look like they're in a luau or it's still summer. I know that I'm being a hypocrite here for saying this because I tend to wear those type of clothes all the time but I do try to look presentable when it's the first day of classes. There is always a right time to wear something and I suggest you wear something nice on the first day, even if it's just for the first day!
  4. Smile. I know what you guys think. What a bullock tip. Well let me tell you how a smile can actually make you look approachable, confident and most probably get a very good first impression. A smile on your face can do a lot to you and all of them are positive effects. So, never underestimate the power of a single smile. Alright? Great! :D
  5. Be confident. I know some of you would most probably be shy on your first day but let me tell you something, being confident is the way to go when it's your first day. You need to exude confidence so that other people would notice you and hopefully, you'll have a new friend. I must warn you though. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. You don't want to be put under the arrogant file case by your classmates and your professors. So what I suggest is be cool. Don't be over-confident, let other people share and not hoard all the attention and lastly, never have that arrogant air around you that other people might perceive as though you are better than them.
I think I'll end this here 'cause I have to go. Bye guys! I hope I helped you in getting that awesome first impression and good luck with the first day! :D Sorry if this was a bit late. Ciao!


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