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College 101: Tip Number Three

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Hell week is almost here or to some, hell week is every week and I thought that it would be appropriate to make a post about "HOW TO SURVIVE HELL WEEK". A lot of students dread this time of the terms and personally, I dread it too. According to our friendly and hip online dictionary, Urban Dictionary, hell week is:
Usually found around midterms & finals. It’s a widely understood fact that prior to Hell Week, professors meet & discuss ways to purposefully create schedules with 3 midterms on the same day you’ve 2 papers & a group project due, all in addition to your normal homework load & extra-curricular activities.
Typically one week of extensive mental and physical training in order to get in shape for actual conditions. Another form of initiation or re-socialization.
The week before final examinations in college, thus named because it is the week that -everything- is due. (ie papers, presentations, things of that nature) and yet you must still find time to do other assignments and study for your exams.
It sounds freakishly terrifying I know and to some it actually is. I know by experience that the most fucked up things can happen in Hell week. Things that start off well and good suddenly become a great big mishap. I remember preparing for everything and then suddenly, when the time remaining to prepare was just a few hours everything seemed to be going wrong. A PowerPoint presentation was not working, the video can't be played and even to the extent of wardrobe malfunctions (this is for those COB presenters, I know you've experienced it even once!). So, here are some tips and tricks that I think would be very helpful in surviving your hell week, especially to the freshmen that hasn't had any experience of what a hell week feels like.
  1. Always have a back-up. As I have shared earlier, I've had my fair share of misfortunes during hell week and from those experiences I learned that you should always have a back-up. It doesn't matter if it is a fall back person, a contingency plan, or a spare flash drive (USB). Just as long as you come prepared for the worst, and I mean the worst thing you can possibly think! If you think it's hassling to have a back-up for everything, well let me tell you. It's even more hassling and stressful if you don't have an extra or a back up when something or even someone messes up before the presentation. this also goes to those who are taking exams. ALWAYS BRING EXTRA PEN/PENCIL/ERASER! When times are hard and a person is in need of a pen, you don't know what he can do just to have a pen. Hahaha!
  2. Coffee is your new best friend. I know some health conscious people out there would say that having too much coffee is a bad thing and it's has inconsistent effects to the body but to a crammer and a person in hell week, it is the most important drink you'll ever have. Coffee, contrary to popular belief is not that bad for you however it does have some effects after you stop drinking it on a regular, or somewhat irregular, manner. Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that coffee is a great tool to have when you are in need of those late night cramming session. In hell week, coffee is your friend. Coffee is your life. Coffee gets you through the day and keeps you up at night!
  3. Procrastinate is okay but not always. I would be such a hypocrite if I said that I don't procrastinate or have one of those lazy days where I just don't want to do anything but bore my eyes out in bed. All of us have that, be it during hell week or not. What I'm trying to say is that it's okay to procrastinate a day or maybe even two during hell week just don't procrastinate the whole week. This is specially adapted for my case since I tend to procrastinate a lot and then do some work done in a jiff after I procrastinate. I think being able to rest and just do the fuck you want for a day is good for your brain and to blow off some steam but you can't do that the whole week saying you're stressed the whole week. That is just fucked up. So, you can have a rest once in a while during hell week but you have to make sure that you can do your duties well and not flunk.
  4. Group studies will help you survive hell week. This is a tried and tested way to pass a subject if done correctly. Group studies with your friends and your classmates makes you understand some things that you don't and it also let's you get other insights on how to do things. Having friends around to give you constructive criticism is always good. Never be offended if someone says they don't like what you do or they don't agree with you. It's a good way to form yourself and hone your skills. Alright? Good!
  5. Forget about the extra-curricular activities! As you guys already know from my earlier posts here in College 101, it is important to have an organization but it isn't your life. So, what I'll be saying here is just that. Don't let your extra-curricular activities get into the way of your studies, that's the important parts of being in school. I'm pretty sure that the organization officers or heads will understand why you're not active. You need quality time with your studies than with your extra-curricular activities. But if you are in an org that requires residencies then I suggest you go to your residencies and study there. I'm pretty sure they won't penalize you. Just make sure that you're committed to an org and you're also committed to your studies.
I think I'll leave you guys with that and I hope you learned a thing or two. I know it might be something that you already know but believe me, it really does work. I didn't include this to the list but I think time management is also something that you must try to have when it's hell week season. I'm not saying you shouldn't manage your time when it's not hell week season but... you know what I mean! You need to be really strict with yourself during hell week since this is where your fate lies. Survive hell week with a bang and you'd most likely pass your classes.

Alright. I'll stop here and leave you guys to study. Hell week will start on Monday for those of you who are in a tri-semester school like me, so let's do this guys! I hope to hear from you guys soon and comment on what you think and all that jazz.


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