Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tips On How To Be Happy

Hello again!

Recently, I've been finding or discovering things that will or can make a person happy. If you do not know, I've been feeling down and depressed these past few days and that's one of the reasons why I don't blog much the past 2 months. I'm in a journey right now to the path of contentment and maybe even happiness. I know a lot of you are also searching for things to make your life more worthwhile. So, as a resolve, I thought that I could share to you some of the things that I have found out that could make your life meaningful and your heart truly happy.

  1. Appreciate the little things.
    • It actually came to a surprise to me how small gestures and tiny forms of care from others can make you happy. Sometimes, people tend to look for that one great thing that takes forever and sometimes even never to happen. We get fixated in attaining or experiencing that one great thing, that we forget to appreciate the little but abundant blessings we have. We get blinded by the radiance of the moon that we forget there are zillions of stars in the sky waiting for us to appreciate them. So, I learned that if we appreciate the little things we'll have more things to be thankful of and more things to make us happy and not just one thing that we keep on waiting for, for only God knows when. 
  2. Slow down and observe the things around you.
    • This tip actually relates to the first tip because I found out that when you try to make time go faster, faster than they should, then you don't get to see the wonders that is so abundant in this Earth. When you want to make things go faster, like you want to be older or taller quickly then you don't enjoy the fun, the conquest, the thrill of the chase. The feeling of being unable to think of nothing else but the future. I remember a man once said that "it is not about the end but the journey that matters" and I believe that. I am not saying that you should put your life on hold and just take your time, but what I do recommend is for you to once in a while, slow down and just breathe in deep and observe the things around you. Observe how the wind feels on your skin, the sun's warmth that envelopes your body, the soft kisses of the grass under your barefooted feet. Experience the world once in a while in a slow manner and observe its wonders. I am sure that you will then appreciate the little things because you finally notice them. And that feeling of satisfaction can give you happiness, a sense of fulfillment that going too fast cannot give. Besides, you do need a breather from time to time. We all need a moment to breath in and just take it easy.
  3. Write a journal.
    • It has been a part of me now to write my feelings, the hatred, the inspirations in a notebook or a formal journal. I've learned that it makes life easier to actually write what you feel about at a certain time so that you could let those feelings out. In my opinion, every time I feel like I have nobody to talk to, due to me being an only child and a person with trust issues, I write to my journal as if someone is on the other side of the paper. It makes me less lonely, less depressed and it lets me practice not only my writing skills but also my ability to construct sensible sentences faster so that I could capture the essence of my feelings. So, I really recommend getting a notebook and keeping a journal. It doesn't even have to be just for writing, if you are worried you don't know what to write or what-not. You can draw, make a collage or anything you can things of that can make you express yourself, express the hatred in a constructive and non-destructive way.
  4. Be around people that make you happy.
    • In my experience, I have been with a lot of social groups in my life, even if it is just a small time. I have been with the emos, the crazies, the chills, you name it I might have been part of it. And I think that's normal! In a person's life, it is more common than not to be with different sorts of people specially in their teenage years. This is due to the fact that, at this stage of a person's life he/she is still in that process of knowing who he/she really is. I learned that when you are with happy people, you take in their energy and you become happy in general. And I think that being with generally happy people uplifts your spirit and you can undertake any challenge.
  5. Get enough sleep.
    • Surprisingly enough, I have found out that when you get the right amount of sleep that your own body needs makes you happy. It makes your body move at the most effective way possible. And when you get the work done, you feel fulfilled and very happy. Also, I found out that there are certain hormones that make a person happy when he/she has enough rest. So, what are you waiting for? Get that well deserved night cap and just go to sleep! :)

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