Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Look: Can't I look formal once in a while?

Today I decided to post a new look in again. I just wanted to share it with you guys so that you could see how I look on my good days. Hahaha! You can see my other looks there and hopefully, I'm really hoping, that you guys would like it and hype some of the looks.

So, what is going on with that picture? I took that after I got home from school and had a wonderful day that I decided why not take a photo of what I look like. It was taken in our living room at the second floor and I just posed and asked my mom if she could take a picture of me 'cause we're cool like that. LOLNO.

Anyway, what composes my look are these items:
Reversible Blazer from Elle bought at the International Bazaar
Floral Tube/Skirt from Kaschieka bought in Trinoma
Cotton Leggings from Suprè given as a gift by my aunt
Vintage Glasses bought in Quiapo
Red and Black Band Ring from SM Department Store

I think that's it! Hahaha! Wow. I think this is my first actual "look" post here. I hope I can make this a regular thing. I really want to show you guys how I normally and abnormally look wherever I go. And I hope that I could inspire some of my heavy set readers into showcasing their beauty at their own blogs and giving more power to the big ass lovely ladies of the world. So, I guess I'd stop here. Bye for now!


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