Friday, July 29, 2011

Lazer Maxx | Metrodeal Deal of the Day!

Today was generally an indifferent day. I went to school and got in my classes and basically sat there trying to comprehend what was happening and what we were talking about. I don't know why this day was such a mess but I don't want to delve much about it. What I do want to tell you guys is this amazing deal from Metrodeal!

Yet again, Metrodeal has given us a great offer! This is for the young, adventurous and spirited teens and young at hearts. Metrodeal has given us the chance to play Lazer Tag at Lazer Maxx which is available in both of their branches, one in Eton Centris and the other in Greenhills. Here are some of the photos that shows what Lazer Tag at Lazer Maxx looks like:


I must say though, the setting looks very bright and colorful! I am actually excited and really looking forward to play lazer tag again and do some of the Barney Stinson moves. Although, I think I do have some problems with early rheumatism. Hahaha! Anyway, you guys should check this deal out brought to you by!

I hope you guys enjoy this little promotion of mine about deals and budget friendly what-nots from around the metro. This me saying goodbye to you guys and I hope you'd get a chance to buy 1 or maybe 10 vouchers from Metrodeal and enjoy the wonderful and exhilarating experience that is, Lazer Tag! So, I guess this ends my post for today. Bye for now! ♥ 

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