Sunday, April 10, 2011

Conversations with my Mom

Me: *engrossed in Tumblr in my room*
Mom: Wala ka bang gagawin para sa school?
Me: *stares at my mom for a while then returns to Tumblr*
Mom: Tinatamad ka na ba?
Me: *stares at my mom not really hinting on my true feelings*
Mom: Alam mo, sabihin mo lang kung tinatamad ka na mag-aral para di ka na mag-aral.
Me: *blinks rapidly and then just tries to ignore my mom's comment*
Mom: Alam mo, nakakatamad na din kasi eh. Kung ayaw mo na mag-aral bat pa ako magpapakahirap magtrabaho para lang makapag-aral ka. Kung ayaw mo na mag-aral sabihin mo na lang para di ka na magsayang ng oras mo tsaka ng lakas.
Me: *hides on a desk that covers my bed and then starts to cry quietly*

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