Monday, February 14, 2011


Je vois un garcon

qui rend mes joues rougis

Il vient a moi

avec l’amour offrit

Nous devenons un

et puis nous sommes devenus annulee

Il demande a finit

et je le laisse sortis

Il peut etre difficile

mais je veux pa qui’l souffres!

——— This is a poem me and my classmate did for our French class. This is the English Version:

I saw a man

that makes my cheeks blush

He came to me

with love to offer

We became one

and then we became undone

He asked to leave

and I let him go

It may be difficult

but I want him to suffer!

This is for all the broken hearted ladies out there that wants some revenge of feels pain in their hearts. :)


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