Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 9, 2010: My 17th Birthday at MOA

So after we left the DFA, we went to Mall of Asia. My mom and step-dad wanted to eat at YakiMix which is a very famous buffet restaurant that has a Yakiniku style. When we got there we were in a waiting list, I think we were 11th? So we just sat there for a while, made chikka with my step-dad’s grade 1 classmate and her daughter Pam.

While we were waiting there was suddenly an announcement that there would be a fireworks display in about 5 minutes. And here are some of the pictures that I took of the magnificent 5 minute fireworks display. :)

And then when the fireworks display ended I said to my family,

“Oh. Tingnan niyo naman. Sinabihan ko kasi yung MOA na andito ako ngayon ang birthday ko kaya nagpa-fireworks pa sila para sa’kin. Hahahaha. :))”

And then exactly at that time, the receptionist said they have our table ready and we can go inside. Err. I think I’ll post the Yakimix part on another post. LOL


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