Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 9, 2010: My 17th Birthday at DFA

I totally forgot to blog what happened to me on my birthday, and I didn’t even let you guys see how I celebrated it. So here it goes!

My day actually started very early! At around 5:30 in the morning, I was already up and about our house preparing my stuff. My mom and I had an appointment in the Department of Foreign Affairs. I was supposed to renew my passport and all. So we left the house at around 6am with my adorable niece named, Gayle ‘cause she was also getting her passport for the first time.

This is Gayle, adorable little thing ain’t she?

So we got there are around 8am and BAM! There was already a long line of applicants. So we waited for a while, a while meaning around 2 freaking hours. Then when we got inside, we had to wait some more. This is one of the things why I sometimes hate the government. They have slow service. So since we got bored and we have a camera, me and my niece did a photo shoot right there at the DFA.

Here are some pics:

I got her picture while she was saying, “isa pa”

Making pa-cute to the camera. XD

In this photo, she’s actually standing on my leg. LOL

This was a pose that I didn’t tell her to do and she did it by herself. LOL. Ang mga pose ng batang ito, MATINDI! :))

Align Center

My niece’s new friend. XD

So, there. That was what happened to me in my birthday at DFA. I spent like a good solid 10 hours there. Wonderful right?! I’m gonna show the pics on what happened AFTER my very fortunate day at the DFA. :D


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