For interested collaborators, sponsors, advertisers,
prospective job offers or my readers that simply
want to contact me you may send me an email
through this address:


I also do amateur photography, layout design,
and other Adobe Photoshop works. I will
work for a small amount/pay or even
just a great lunch/dinner/snack.

I do styling, MUA and photography gigs as well.
I do event write ups and other forms of advertisement
to an event/band/product. As well as product reviews
and other forms of reviews possible.

If you are looking for plus size models, I can also
do that for you as well as recommend someone
who can model for you, be it a plus size
or regular model.

If you don't want to send me an email,
you can simply comment down below for your queries.

I am looking for the next blogger to be featured here on Operation: Fix Life
If you know anyone who you think should be featured, be it someone else or yourself,
don't hesitate on sending me an e-mail with the subject: Behind The Monitor.

I'll be waiting for your e-mails! xx


  1. hi ms renee im mark of mia maison
    we are looking for bloggers po who can blog about our new promos products etc po in return we will give you items po :) if you are interested please email us

  2. Hi Ms Renee, I am Vyom Bhavsar from India . I run a blog - and a love your blogs can i be featured on Behind The Monitor?


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