Thursday, June 22, 2017

Oh Mickey, You're So Fine

Mickey. Oh, Mickey.

I don't know what it is about Mickey Mouse that makes me love him so much. Is it his ears? His cute nose? The cute tiny voice? I'm not sure. All I know is that I love Mickey. I'm not gonna deny the level of influence that cute mouse had on me. Anyway, on to the post. I haven't posted an outfit post in a long time. I think it's only proper to post one every once in a while.

On to the post, shall we? I'm going to feature sleepwear in this post and maybe an easy lounge/summer wear by-the-beach outfit. If you're in a resort, waking up from a good night's rest, and wanting that free breakfast... You could wear what I'm wearing or use it as an inspiration for your next trip. I actually did this little shoot at 6:30 AM in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar just before I ate breakfast. Hahaha!

If you haven't been here before, I highly suggest visiting Las Casas. It's one of the most picturesque places in the Philippines when it comes to Hispanic houses and architecture. You can rent your own house or you can get a room which they've preserved and retrofitted to look like what they used to during the 1800-1900s. It's definitely an experience to go there.

There are a variety of houses that I love there but I was really taken by this brick house that had was elevated and had a small creek on the side. It's actually one of the popular places to take photos at in Las Casas. If you're looking for a place to do some shoots for a video project or a photo shoot, I highly recommend going to Las Casas. It's not only a picturesque but it also offers educational tours on the history of the houses that they've rebuilt.

Cap - Nike | Knit Cardigan - Cotton On | Mickey Mouse Tank Top and Watermelon Sleep Shorts - H&M 

Now, on to the clothes that I wore. It's nothing special, really, if you think about it. What I really want to share to you guys is my thought process on choosing the clothes I'm wearing. There are some things you need to consider when you're out travelling and one of those is the limited space you have in your luggage. You can't bring your whole closet when you're on a trip. The best thing, in my opinion, is to wear pieces that you can wear more than once and can fit in more than one outfit concept.

For example, the white knit cardigan from Cotton On that I'm wearing can be used as a cover up for your bikini when you're at the beach. It can be a cardigan to keep you warm during the long hours you're in the car while you're out on a road trip. Also, it can just be a simple cardigan you can use to cover up the fact that you're wearing your sleep shorts to the resort's buffet area. One item, multiple uses. That's one of the things you need to consider when you're going on a trip and you want to look nice but have a limited luggage space.

I partnered the knit cardigan with pieces that are both whimsical, yet understated. As you can see, I'm wearing a cute loose tank top with a Mickey Mouse design at the bottom partnered with a watermelon patterned sleep shorts. I got both of them from H&M and those sleep shorts are comfy as can be, honestly.  I am a comfort over form kind of girl, if you've been reading my other blog posts you probably already know this little fact.

I'm very into Korean culture and fashion. I think my fascination with Korea has seeped out onto my regular life through the baseball cap I'm wearing. I know, baseball caps aren't solely used by Koreans but in my opinion, they're the ones who established the use of baseball caps partnered with girly or fashionable pieces. It's not just about looking sporty in them but it is also about giving your look an understated or more relaxed vibe despite wearing clothes that are too girly or childish. It gives contrast to what is supposedly a sweet and romantic look.

And that's the end of my post folks. xx


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