Thursday, January 05, 2017

Day Off

I sometimes wonder how some people can manage to look fashionable even if they have a full day's worth of errands to run. I mean, if you know me personally, you'd know that I am the laziest person when it comes to dressing up and trying to look good on a daily basis. I can dress up and look good, maybe once or twice a week? Never more. I also don't like it when so much things are going on in my outfit. I tend to keep things simple and comfortable.

That's why I made this outfit inspiration post for you, loves. I want to share to you guys the type of outfit I'd wear if it was my day off and I was out in a park, enjoying the cold weather, and not caring about anything. As you can see, I chose to put a basic tee and partnered it with a coat since I don't tend to like girly tops when I'm on my day off. To offset the laid-back style, I chose heels instead of my usual flats since I like to upgrade certain styles like that. It makes the look go from sloppy casual to femme fetale on a day off.

As for accessories and the ever faithful bag, I chose to have a coherent palette. I matched the bag's color to the color of the pizza and made sure it sticks to a more warm tone. I know that winter usually entails subdued colors or cooler tones but I just love it when you add a bit of warmth to a cold and dreary place. The accessories on the other hand, I used the same palette as the shoes. It gives it a low-key elegance to the usual casual look. Black baseball cap, black watch, and a black choker to tone down the look.

So, what do you guys think?

Day Off

Day Off by reneejacobe featuring NIKE

White cotton shirt
1,300 PHP -

Long sleeve coat
3,730 PHP -

Frayed jeans
2,300 PHP -

Peep toe platform pumps
1,670 PHP -

Dorothy Perkins orange clutch
660 PHP -

ASOS lace jewelry
330 PHP -

The Horse horse jewellery
4,985 PHP -

NIKE hat
930 PHP -

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